Mazda Dealerships Recognized for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction and Sales Performance

Mazda has one of the most significant market shares in the automobile market in North America. For decades, Mazda has delivered some of the most popular and brilliant four-wheelers to the American consumers. This service has fetched them great recognition and customers over the years. With 200 Mazda dealers functioning in the United States of America, Mazda is present in all the states of the country. Recently Mazda announced all the names for the 2018 President’s Club Dealerships. It is the highest and most recognized honor given to some of the dealerships across America for providing consistent top class support to Mazda customers. The list for the President’s Club dealership consists of only the top 50 Mazda dealerships.

Masahiro Moro, president and CEO of MNAO added that “It’s an honor to recognize these dealerships for how they consistently deliver on our brand vision, emulate what it means to be customer-centric and demonstrate Brand Value Management, which is crucial to Mazda’s continued growth and success.” He also stated that the dealerships did an excellent job in committing towards their goal of providing exceptional service to their customers. It has undoubtedly helped the company to develop a special bond with their customers. This will help the company to bring new facilities and innovations to them in the coming years.

All the Mazda dealership who were authorized by MNAO were eligible to participate like Chandler Mazda in the President’s Club Program. Each of these dealerships was given one of the four competitive categories which required them to provide their average annual sales of the last three years and including the registrations in each dealer’s area. Group A was allowed at 20, Group B was allowed at 15, Group C was allowed at 10, and Group D was approved at 5.

Each of these groups was recognized with some winners. After this grouping, MNAO looked at the customer experience of these groups. To enter into the President’s Club dealership, the customer’s experience score was very vital. Mazda Brand Experience Program (MBEP) determined the year-to-date cumulative score. The CEO stated that all the dealerships did a brilliant job in keeping a consistent performance in the Customer Loyalty program.

The headquarters of Mazda North American Operations is situated in Irvine, California and it deals with the sales and marketing of more than 700 dealerships based in the USA and the operations in Mexico are overseen by the Mazda Motor de Mexico in Mexico City. Mazda dealership Chandler is one of the best dealerships that has performed this year. Mazda has recorded a brilliant growth in its sales last year and has thanked the dealerships for such an excellent performance. Mazda dealerships are planning to revamp their sales and customer dealership even more so that they can fetch the company even higher growth consistency.

If you are planning to buy a Mazda vehicle, then you can visit your nearest Mazda dealership and check the fantastic variant of cars they have.

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