Medical & Legal Assistance For Post Concussion Syndrome After A Car Accident

You have been involved in a major car accident, and you know that you have sustained some injuries.  Some of these injuries you can see immediately, such as bruises and some cuts, but you’re not sure if you’ve sustained any internal injuries.

Often times, when we’ve been involved in an accident, it’s the injuries that we don’t see immediately that are the worst and the ones that are of the most concern.  One category of injuries that can be very serious and are rarely “seen” at accident scenes are concussions, and a common concussion injury is known as post-concussion syndrome.  If you believe you have suffered from post-concussion syndrome after a car accident, here is some important information that you will want to know.

Essentially, a concussion is any alteration of the mental state of an individual that can be attributed to the biomechanical force that affects the brain.  At times, concussions may cause an individual to black out, or lose consciousness.  In car accidents, a concussion usually happens when a person sustains a hit to the head, but this is not always the case.  In fact, a concussion could occur simply due to the force of the vehicle being hit violently or the car being stopped forcefully.

Symptoms experienced by individuals due to post-concussion syndrome after a car accident are just a little bit different from the standard concussion, though.  Post-concussion syndrome may also be referred to as “shell shock” and represents a completely unique set of symptoms that may affect an individual for a year or even longer.  Symptoms may include difficulty concentrating, irritability, headaches, memory loss, fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, and anxiety.

Seek Medical Attention
If you have been involved in a car accident and are experiencing any of these symptoms, you need to seek immediate professional medical help.  A medical doctor will be able to examine you and perform the kinds of tests that will accurately determine what kind of brain injury you have sustained.  Once they have made a diagnosis, you will then be able to undergo the treatment that you need to get better.

There a variety of treatments that may be prescribed for post-concussion syndrome including psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, and prescription medication.  If you know that your injury was caused by an accident due to the fault of another person, you may find that some, if not all, of the costs associated with these treatments can be recouped from the person responsible.

If you wish to receive damages for your injuries, there are two things that you cannot wait to do.  First, get the medical attention you need and be sure to keep track of all your treatments and their associated costs.  Second, get the help of an experienced personal injury attorney who will be able to help you with your claim and hold the person accountable for their actions and your resulting injuries.

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