Medical Versus Alternative Orthopedic Treatments: Is Back Surgery Necessary?

It is a sad truth, but hospitals do have the tendency to make a patient worse off instead of curing them from their conditions. In research, it was reported that an average of 195,000 people in the USA actually die because of in-hospital medical errors that should have been otherwise preventable. And as if to exacerbate the situation, about 15,000 people also die per month because hospitals would not cater to them as a result of their lack of insurance coverage. Of course, this does not a generalization that’s more significant than the fact that they do more help than harm. But it cannot be denied that such realities are concerning to people. And for that matter, they choose to forego hospitalization for illnesses they experience and instead avail of holistic, unconventional or more theoretical treatments.

Why the need for professional intervention?
Now, this competition between medical management and worldly interventions has been present since time immemorial, given people’s differing perception. But with its refinement, the medical practice was able to pull itself out of the pack and emphasize its advantages over others. For years, it has managed to prove itself by conquering illnesses that forced people to live their lives in deformity, like polio, or those that robbed people of life at an early age, such as cholera. With medical studies, physicians were also able to pinpoint biological causes of certain illnesses and correct them through physical or pharmacological methods. And instead of the standard 30 to 50 years of age at the time of death, most people in the 20th century are able to preserve themselves up until they’re 80 or a hundred years old.

Downsides to consider
However, with the looming dangers of medical malpractice and the unearthing of grave consequences to drug use, people are currently shifting their preference to natural health-promoting methods, making use of ancient techniques that healed and helped ancestors get through their own physical limitations in the absence of antibiotics and surgical equipment.  In terms of orthopedic problems, people now have the option to go to a chiropractor or an osteopath instead of an orthopedic specialist. And then they could explore acupuncture and physical therapy insofar as muscle pain relief is concerned. Now, one who’s yet to avail of any of the given options may wonder what their advantages and disadvantages are. Well, to enlighten you on the matter, here are some of the things you should know about them.

What is alternative medicine?
Alternative, homeopathic cures usually make use of natural products and biological processes to correct certain conditions. There may be a few instruments involved. But they are usually just there to enhance or stimulate the needed reactions, not actually serve as the solution. This is quite opposite to medical management that often applies chemical components to control the symptoms of the illness and then invasively attack the source so that the problem is permanently taken out of the system, as in the case of back surgery. Clearly, the first one’s advantage is that it imposes lesser trauma on the body. And it does not fill it with toxic substances that it may have a hard time flushing out. However, the second one ensures people that they do not have to wait long for resolution to occur. The disadvantage of the first is obviously delay. And if things don’t work out, clients will still be rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. So in essence, it’s pretty much like you are delaying the inevitable.  While for the latter, there is obviously the cost, the time investment, the possibility of complications as well as the likelihood of failure, if in case the surgeon is not as competent or the condition is too grave for reversal.

To add to the aforementioned, great homeopathic cures are rare. Yes, there are plenty of facilities around the world that provide them. But only a few are actually legitimate and acquiring the right results. Some of those that are in operation are mainly experimental in nature and are yet to have conclusive results to bank on. And there are those that incorrectly pursue ancient methods or modify it to give themselves a niche, without actually considering how the changes would affect the efficacy of the intervention. Medical treatment is largely homogenous worldwide. Doctors observe the same things for all types of disease. And they are basically only limited by the equipment they are able to utilize. It is for this reason that first world countries seem to provide better health care treatment than third world hospitals.

Word of caution
Whether or not you choose to go with the conventional medical solutions or try your luck out at more manageable and affordable alternative remedies, you should always prepare for the consequences of your decisions. See, the only way you can really help yourself is if you cover all the angles when it comes to promoting your health and making good decisions as far as your current situation is concerned.

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