Meet Andrej Pejic: Fashion’s Androgynous Darling

Andrej Pejic is fashion’s new darling, not only for his extraordinary good looks but for his ability to strut his stuff as both a male and female model. The young Bosnian-born androgynous model has been in high demand since he first entered the limelight back in 2010, when everyone at the Paris men’s fashion show was asking, “Who’s the blonde girl?” Since then, Pejic has featured in high fashion magazines and walked down the industry’s most prestigious catwalks in the guise of a woman and a man. In a recent achievement and certainly a landmark moment for the world of fashion, Pejic got his first cover feature on a mainstream fashion magazine, the January Serbian issue of Elle, which may signal that the fashion industry is becoming more diverse. We take a closer look at the model who, according to Elle, is the ‘boy who shook the fashion world’.

The Androgynous Beauty: Andrej Pejic

Although Pejic is a man, he is the picture of perfection as far as female high fashion models go. His lithe body is the envy of all but the most high profile models, his gender gives him the advantage of height and his high cheekbones look as if they were cut from class. He startling eyes exude feminine sexuality and give him the presence that has captured the imagination of some of fashion’s most celebrated designers and brands. However, the real beauty behind the Andrej Pejic story is that nobody is attempting to hide the fact that he is a man. In magazines and on runways, no effort is made to conceal his Adam’s apple or wide jaw, indicating that the traditionally homogenised fashion industry is embracing difference.

Pejic’s Work and Achievements

Andrej Pejic has a portfolio that many high fashion models can only dream on, having worked with some of the most high profile names in the industry. He is a firm favourite of John Paul Gaultier and has modelled attire ranging from tailored suites to bridalwear. He has also pushed the boundaries and modelled lingerie for La Perla and Agent Provocateur in both male and female form. He’s done men’s shows for Marc Jacobs and has appeared in some of fashion’s most high profile magazines, such as French Vogue. He was expected to become the face of Gaultier’s first male fragrance in sixteen years, but at the final moment lost out to Spanish model Jon Kortajarena. However, we can be assured that over the next few years Andrej Pejic will not settle for second place in any of his modelling endeavours, and as he stated in an interview, his gender is open to artistic interpretation.

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