Mega-Storm Sandy Disappoints Children on Halloween

The mega-storm Sandy resulted in disappointment for millions of East Coast children on Wednesday by delaying Halloween, warning them against trick or treating in this violent weather that is causing trees to uproot and resulting in loosely hanging electrical wires all around.

The subsequent damage from Sandy upset the children throughout the U.S. East Coast, postponing the customary trick-or-treat practice in some towns of Connecticut to 7th November, one day after the Election Day.

On the orders of executives, the Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie rescheduled Halloween to Monday, bearing in mind the safety of residents in this turbulent weather caused by Sandy, which touched down on the mainland earlier this week, leaving a trail of destruction along the way.

A similar incident happened last year when Halloween celebrations had to be canceled due to a heavy snowstorm. This year, children were again taken aback by the news of Sandy, resulting in postponement of October 31 celebrations yet again.

Piper Eccles, 12, of Maplewood, New Jersey says, “I’m upset. It’s just not the same as on Halloween. Eccles claimed to have spent $80 on her homemade costume of “The Hunger Games” character of Effie Trinket.

A few parents and families residing in the suburbs of New York City compensated for the disappointment and complaints by letting their costumed children trick or treat in the safe daylight hours of the holiday, organizing gatherings in parks and parking lots at the eleventh-hour. The “Trunk or Treat” events advertised by friends using social networks such as Facebook allowed children to collect candy from car to car and trunk to trunk.

“Instead of knocking on doors, my son would knock on the plastic ghost basket he was holding and say, ‘Trick or treat!'” said Nancy Trager of Scarsdale, New York, whose son Max, 8, dressed up as New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady.

Adrienne Lewin, with two sons aged 4 and 6 who dressed up as pirates, said, “It was fun because we were all going a little stir crazy.” A lot of people were left without power because of the massive storm. In this situation, a few friends – whose own house went dark and cold as temperatures plummeted – relied on Lewin to help them take care of a pet fish, as Lewin was among the few who did not lose electricity.

The Hurricane Sandy did not dampen the fun for children only; in its history of 39 years, it was the first time that the New York City’s annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade – which is popular for its bold, suggestive and adult get-ups – was cancelled as well, with a possible delay till the next week. Mayor Michael Bloomberg mentioned the power cuts in lower Manhattan, expressing the need of police force in the storm-stricken parts of the city.

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