Mercedes Benz – Effortless Luxury

The Mercedes marque has been an affordable touch of luxury for many years now and with the recent expansion of the A and E Class ranges of cars what is there not to love about the German manufacturer.

Providing a high level of service for over 110 years, the Mercedes brand has become a staple in the automobile world providing a range of cars, vans, trucks and even different forms of public transport around Europe. It has even branched out into Formula 1, teaming up with McClaren and being ranked as one of the best developers and produces of vehicles ever. After being successful across a range of models Mercedes then branched out into the Smart and Maybach brands, showing a new level of diversity in their range of vehicles. They now manufacture everything from city cars, to family cars to top of the range luxury cars.

Mercedes have factories all over the world with the largest facilities in Germany, America, the UK and Mexico. These facilities produce around 58% of all the Mercedes vehicles across the world. Although this is a large proportion of the vehicles, Mercedes also has smaller factories in many other countries which ship Mercedes parts to their larger manufacturing facilities to cope with the now popular demand for these amazing cars.

Over the years Mercedes has positively embraced changes to legislation which puts an emphasis on environmentally friendly vehicles and has produced the Smart range as a direct reflection of this. Their A, CLS and E Class cars have become the most popular cars in their range over the past five or six years and this rise in popularity surprisingly included the M Class range which has also seen amazing sales both in the USA and Europe.

The company’s extension into the development of their public transport range was one of Mercedes biggest successes in recent years and now has an overall turnover of £1.6 million a year in the UK alone. Although not known by many, regular public transport users will know that the buses they use are mostly provided by Mercedes.

Mercedes commercial vehicles now also dominate the roads and their Axor, Actros and new Antos vehicles becoming popular among major distribution companies. Mercedes are a proven brand which provides a reliable and safe service, which is something hauliers always look for when renewing their fleet.
It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a car a van or a HGV you need not look any further than Mercedes if you want a brand you can trust.

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