Modern Day Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine, which finds its historic roots in ancient Chinese medicine. Using solid needles to pinpoint very specific points in the body, acupuncture is thought to balance out the qi, and thus correct ailments and problems in the body. The needles are placed at very specific and exact points in the body. Each of these points correlate with a special energy meridian, and are connected together to create the overall energy force of the body. Sometimes, small currents are applied to the needles to stimulate the energy points.

How is acupuncture relevant in the day of modern medicine?

We are flooded on a daily basis with drugs and medicines which promise to heal any and every illness we might have. It may seem that needles will not be as effective as potent drugs, but one must not be too quick to judge. Modern day acupuncture techniques have been used in a large variety of areas to help people heal and rid themselves of everything from nausea to smoking habits. In fact, the procedures used to abandon smoking addictions have been around for quite some while, and are used in modern clinics all over the world.

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture works through balancing the body’s qi. Roughly translated, qi means life energy, or any principle forming part of a living being. In Chinese medicine, imbalances in qi will lead to illness and disease. Through acupuncture, this energy can be returned to its original settings by altering meridians of energy in the body. Take smoking addictions for example. It is an addiction of the mind and the body, and results in an imbalance in the natural ways of the human organism. Through acupuncture, this imbalance can be rectified, and the craving for nicotine will be diminished. It will not completely eradicate the physical habit of smoking, but it will rid the body of its dependence to nicotine to function normally.

What are the most popular treatments in acupuncture, and how long does a treatment cycle last?

Acupuncture is a delicate science, and each patient needs their own personalized approach to ensure that they receive adequate treatment. Lifestyle, physical situation, age, and other factors are all incorporated when calculating what and how long the procedure will be. Some of the major treatments go towards: correction of metabolism, detox, quitting smoking, treatment of anxiety and insomnia.

Does each acupuncturist work differently?

Yes, each practitioner will have their own approach to treating patients. At Margo’s Clinic, for example, a comprehensive program will be created for each patient, based on their needs and requirements. This program will be geared towards creating an overall healthy balance in the body, while emphasizing on the particular areas that will treat the major issue. Boutique clinics will often develop unique programs, find the right clinic for you may take quite a bit of research. Its important to research the clinics you are considering extensively, Margo’s Clinic reviews for example are mainly positive and reveal that the clinic focuses on weight loss acupuncture. If the bulk of reviews are targeted around a specific procedure its safe to assume that that is the clinic’s specialty, this is information that will rarely be revealed on the clinic’s website.

Modern day acupuncture is a safe and complimentary method to help people with issues such as excess weight, insomnia, or smoking addictions, treat their problems and achieve their goals. It is non-invasive, 100% safe, and has no side effects, which make it a very positive option in comparison to pharmaceutical medication.

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