Modern Interior Design With A Country Twist

Modern Interior Design with a Country Twist
Ever since eclectic designs became popular, people have been adopting them easily and with gusto. Not only do these designs offer a more interesting perspective, but it makes it much easier to incorporate cherished heirlooms, inherited items and unexpected gifts, as well as merge households. One interesting trend to consider is blending some country elements into a classic modern interior.

One way to add intrigue with a splash of country is by designing the space around one or two signature pieces. This can both brighten and warm a relatively staid environment. Adding pieces such as a piece of accent furniture, pillows, a photo or artwork can create a more personalized theme for any room. It is also easy to design an entire room based upon just one piece.

Colors, fabrics and furnishings could pick up one or two attributes of the piece you want to include to give the room a more cohesive feel. Modern pieces can be found at garage sales, sample sales and design art marts like those in major metropolitan cities, as well as websites.

Mixing antique designs from any country era is relatively simple. Older furnishings are relied upon as an important aspect of the eclectic design schematic. For example, modern and contemporary styles blend well with country Shaker and rustic pieces. Another idea is to incorporate an antique settee in a classic modern decor. It is easy to pick up country furnishings and art at local flea markets, garage sales and many different websites.

Country Styles
Many designs can fall under the heading of country. More elegant country designs are found in French Country, which create a balance between chic and earthy. Because of this, these pieces are easily infused into virtually any home decor- particularly modern.

New traditional country includes classic pieces that are graceful, symmetrical and elegant, though not exactly formal. Because of this the Federal and Georgian styles from the Revolutionary War period add depth to any modern room. All it takes is one of these accent pieces to deliver a different flavor.

Design Ideas
Modern interiors featuring more monochromatic and neutral fabrics could use a simple country floral accent for an interesting twist. For contemporary designs with patterns, add a solid colored accent such as a pillow.

A rustic country floral arrangement could easily grace an elegantly placed main, occasional, coffee or end table. For solid colored rooms, use a mixed arrangement. Conversely, a mixed traditional patterned room could use the breathing space offered by any solid expanse of color.

Neoclassical white trim can look fresh next to bright and rich colors and creates an energetic background for any type of modern furniture. Contemporary designs with subtle contrasts such as cream, peach or pale green walls can be accented with graceful fabrics, a country print, dishes or knickknacks from the 1920s to 1950s. All of this type of fare can be found at resale and thrift stores – and sometimes in grandma’s attic.

Rules of Thumb
Generally, more modern and contemporary interiors feature around 80 percent solid or tonal materials and 20 percent multi-patterns. This formula is easily adaptable for adding country flare into a modern design space as well.

When 80 percent of the interior is unified by the modern style from the same period, it is simple to sprinkle in country elements at around 20 percent. For example, an ultramodern decor could include a fine country antique, photo, frame or artwork from any country style to make the space unique.

The idea is to refrain from creating too much of a scattered or confused decor. The above pointers are just a few of the ways to inject some warmth into a modern and sleek design foundation with country design elements.

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