Morale Boosting Tips For The Office

Raising morale in the work place is a really important thing to do if you want your staff to be more productive and to contribute to a friendly and vibrant atmosphere. But how do actually go about improving things for your team, bringing them together and generally helping to create the perfect environment for them to do their jobs well?

There are a few tried and tested techniques that go a long way to improving office morale. You have to show your staff that you’re willing to cater to their needs and attitudes in the modern age because professional people are simply not prepared to put in the time and effort without getting anything in return and nor should they be.

The following morale boosting tips are actually really easy for offices to achieve given the resources available to them these days.

Make working life more flexible
More and more modern people are concerned about attaining the right work to life balance. They want time to do the things they enjoy and they want the flexibility to plan their professional lives around their personal lives. There’s nothing wrong with this attitude to life and work and many offices find they increase productivity when they embrace it.

The technology is there to promote greater flexibility. With the internet and smartphone technology, it’s not difficult for people to spend some time doing their jobs remotely, without the distractions of the office. Flexible working reduces the amount people have to travel and it demonstrates a more modern approach.

Make the office more comfortable and appealing
Of course, you can’t have people working outside the office all the time because then there would be no vibrant atmosphere at all in the workplace. After all, it’s the members of the team who make the office environment more appealing. But how can you make sure people want to come into the office?

You can start by sorting out the facilities, the heating, the air conditioning, the technology, the furniture. In short, you need to create a space that is comfortable enough and convenient enough for people to spend time in.

Concentrate on the social side of work
Helping team members bond is the next step. Working relationships are really important because they drive everything that you accomplish. This is why team building exercises, days out, social events and so on make such a big difference. It’s not always easy for people to bond in the office, so consider getting people out of the office when you can so that they can escape their business personality and cut loose with one another on occasion.

This article was written by Andy Underwood, blogger and office manager responsible for team building and staff liaison.

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