More Than 3 Million Galaxy Note II Smartphones Sold In Over One Month: Samsung

On Friday, Samsung revealed that it sold more than three million Galaxy Note II smartphones in 37 days. The Galaxy Note II smartphone was launched by Samsung in the month of September in South Korea and shipped to United States and other markets in October.

Galaxy Note II’s predecessor, the Galaxy Note smartphone managed to do well when it was launched last year but didn’t do as well as other Samsung products such as the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone and the Galaxy S III smartphone, that was launched in March 2012.

Prior to the launch of the phone, analysts and experts were skeptic about the phone due to its large size. The phone has been criticized because according to many, the phone isn’t comfortable to hold in one’s hands. The Galaxy Note II features a massive screen size of 5.5 inches and is categorized in the smartphone/tablet category.

Bigger displays are in demand these days as companies are launching new smartphones with elongated displays and even though consumers are buying phones with larger displays, Samsung’s Galaxy Note smartphones are considered too large to like by many.

Samsung is counting on the Galaxy Note II smartphone and the Galaxy S III to remain the market leader in the most significant holiday quarter. The company was named world’s largest phone manufacturer in the last quarter that ended in September.

Moreover, in the July-September quarter, it was revealed by IDC, a research firm that Samsung reined on the top in global smartphone sales. According to the statistics revealed by IDC, Samsung sold 56.3 million smartphones in the 3rd quarter of 2012, while in contrast, Cupertino tech giant Apple sold just 26.9 million smartphones.

However, competition in this quarter will be fierce as Apple launched the new iPhone 5 in September. The iPhone 5 was launched as one of the most anticipated phones of the year and will prove to give other companies a run for their money in the coming months.

The number of Galaxy Note II smartphones sold by Samsung in slightly over a month after its launch are nonetheless impressive but sales of the new phone might become stagnant in the coming months. Things will be different for Samsung this quarter as opposed to the last quarter as this time; its products are competing against the insanely hyped iPhone 5.

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