Most Affordable 2013 Cars For Large Families

When our third child was born, my husband and I had some thinking to do. Our vehicle was simply unable to meet our transportation needs any longer, especially if we wanted to have a family outing. It just wouldn’t be a good picnic if we had to leave Billy at home with the sitter! To accommodate everyone we would have to purchase a new vehicle. We unfortunately ended up with a stereotypical minivan, much to my chagrin. The choices at the time weren’t all that glamorous. Luckily, today’s selection not only has more pizzazz but mechanical improvements that give you the entire bang for your buck.

Listed below are some of the best choices of affordable cars for large families that are within the $20,000 – $35,000 price range.

Kia Sorrento

Korean auto maker Kia motors makes a family car that is humbly priced at $21,250. Although it is not outfitted with third row seats, the Kia Sorrento is still spacious enough to carry a family of six and, should you need more room, an extra third row can still be added. This car, along with its affordable price, rewards owners with an exceptional mileage that averages 20 mpg city and 27 mpg highway.

Nissan Maxima

Nissan Maxima, over the years, has built a solid reputation as one of the most dependable cars for big families that still provides the excitement and elegance of owning a luxury car. Built with a 3.5 L V6 engine, the Nissan Maxima designed with sophisticated leather seats, climate control and a voice activated GPS system that anyone with four young kids in the backseat would want to have.

Ford Taurus

While most motorists view the Ford Taurus as being big and outdated, the latest innovations in its design have made this full size car one of the best in the market. It has been redesigned to offer more generous cargo and passenger space than older models. The Ford Taurus now boasts a better style as well as mechanical functions that allow for a better and smoother ride.

Chrysler 300

The Chrysler 300, dubbed by Forbes Magazine as one of the “Most Affordable Large Premium Sedan,” is undoubtedly one of the most popular full size cars available. It is designed with a more comfortable and larger interior, and it is powered by a strong 5.7 L V8 engine. This full size car is a perfect balance of space and quality.

Dodge Grand Caravan

In 2011, Dodge gave one of its more popular vehicles a much deserved facelift. The Dodge Grand Caravan was outfitted with a more powerful 3.6 L V6 engine and 6 –speed A/T. Other improvements include better interior designs, better traction control, dual zone air conditioning and rear, front and third row airbags to protect all of its eight passengers.

Any of these stylish and affordable options would make a great choice of vehicle for your family. They’re spacious, and are sure to fit everyone. The next time you head off to the beach, you won’t have to make that second trip to carry all of your things with you in addition to your children. They’re all loaded with conveniences to make the ride comfortable and the latest innovations to make it safer. I only wish they had been available when we were looking for a large vehicle!

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