Most Frequently Used Paint Colours

When remodeling or redesigning your home, one of your first considerations will likely be which particular color schemes will be appropriate to help your home convey the style that you have in mind without compromising each room’s overall function. As one of the most declarative interior design elements, wall color can make or break the ambiance of any particular room. In fact, thoughtful palette planning will allow you to establish unique character, create a desired mood, and alter the perception of room characteristics, such as height, depth, or temperature.

Enhancing existing room characteristics remains one of the primary goals of home remodeling. With the right type of paint color, smaller rooms can be brightened up and made to look more sizeable than they truly are. White color is perhaps one of the most preferable choices to enhance the perception of room size and brightness. Since white projects more of a cooler mood, it is often used in rooms that are subjected to higher temperatures. It is likely also the single most adaptable color that is easily combined with most types of decorating styles, including traditional and contemporary themes.

Softer, warmer natural shades can work to transform any room with a cooler feel to a warm and inviting atmosphere. Earth tones, such as off white, beige, and light brown are popular color schemes used to offset the appearance of large spaces by providing a cozy, welcoming feel.

Shades of yellow have become popular interior color choices as well. Painting room walls in yellow is believed to instill a sense of serenity and enlightenment. Yellow is another warm shade of paint that will not only help to visually brighten up a room but also add cheerfulness to the home’s atmosphere.

For an even warmer and more vibrant look, many homeowners remodeling their home may opt for a specific shade of red. While a bright cherry red may only be a preferable option for an accent wall, red hues mixed with a touch of orange, white, or brown are often subtle enough to cover entire wall spaces and set a lively mood for a complete room.

Homeowners seeking a cooler look for a particular room often choose a shade of blue. Blue paint color is popular for its perceived calming effects and cooler room climate projection. Blue is also a very commonly used color for both boys’ and girls’ bedrooms. Most shades of blue are easily mixed with other color hues to soften or intensify color effects and may be integrated as accent colors to complement other color schemes.

Another cooler paint color choice is gray. Even though deeper hues of gray, such as charcoal color, may make a room appear somewhat smaller in size, these rich gray tones have become associated with a classy, luxurious look when combined with white accents. Classic gray color is also a popular paint option, as this shade typically still holds a great portion of light to brighten up the room, and its versatility allows it to be easily paired with other colors. Grays mixed with hues of blue or green are also great choices because they tend to be easy on the eyes and carry tremendous soothing effects.

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