Most Popular Football Players In Premier League

In the Premier League there are so many big stars. Every single year there are some that become incredibly popular and international superstars that come in from all around the world. This is great for the fans and for the clubs since merchandise sales usually sky rocket. In fact, one of the great ways to see how popular a specific football player is would appear when looking at how many t-shirts with that player are sold. Also, the best players are popular almost always. Having a new one on the team automatically increases attention from bookies and even online casinos like NetBet leading to more exposure, thus to a higher popularity for the player. There are so many popular football players in the Premier League but the following are those that are the most popular at the moment.

Marcus Rashford – Manchester United

Most Popular Football Players In Premier League

This player is considered to be the big hope of England and Manchester United. Although he did not play that many games till now, he already developed a huge following.

Eden Hazard – Chelsea

Hazard is no longer that favorite after the 2015-2016 campaign but it is still popular. Also, he did pull out some good performances, thus increasing his popularity.

Dimitri Payet – West Ham United

As Payet came in from France nobody really expected him to become a top talent or a popular football player. He did prove the skeptics wrong and is now among the most creative players in the league.

Sadio Mane – Liverpool

Sadio Mane is also a brand new signing that did cost a lot of money but the player is already a favorite for Jurgen Klopp and for the entire league.

David De Gea – Manchester United

Few goalkeepers ever make the list of the most popular players in the Football League but this is definitely the one that has to be mentioned. He has so many fans in England and all around the world.

Philippe Coutinho – Liverpool

This is a player with a huge match-winning ability. The fans almost instantly noticed that this is the fact. Coutinho is basically incredibly exciting for fans and the Brazilian will most likely just keep getting more and more popular.

Mesut Ozil – Arsenal

This is one of the best assist players in the league. The Gunners have relied on him since 2013 and the fans started loving him more and more. Ozil is a preferred shirt because of his dedication and his constant, reliable play.

Alexis Sanchez – Arsenal

Sanchez is now Arsenal’s number 7, highlighting how important he is for the team. This is arguably the most popular and exciting of all Arsenal’s players.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Machester United

Love him or hate him, you do know Ibrahimovic. He came in as a free transfer as his career was getting close to a finish. Many thought that he has no chance in Premier League but he just keeps getting better and better, almost like a brand new life for his career.

Paul Pogba – Manchester United

Number 1 is controversial since Pogba broke the world football transfer record. This led to huge interest and a big fan base. Shirt sales are going to be high for sure.