Motivate Your Children To Read: 9 Tips To Help

There is no doubt that reading skills are an essential part of every child’s education. Reading is necessary in order to learn properly, in addition to living well. Motivating children to be interested in reading can be a challenging endeavor. The tips below should make the process much easier by planting and nurturing the desire to develop good reading skills.

1. Read aloud. By far, the most effective way to encourage your children to enjoy books and read at home is by reading aloud to them. This should be started as soon as possible, from the time they are babies. Doing this daily as a routine is one of the best examples you can set for your child.

2. Populate every space with reading material. While it may seem excessive, books are easy to place around the house. For example, keep newspapers, magazines and books around the home to help teach kids how to read and also see that reading material is a natural part of daily living.

3. Set an example. Carry a book along with you wherever you go. Make it a point to be seen reading in the home on your own. Children learn by example and can become more inquisitive simply by seeing their parents participating in an activity, and reading is no exception.

4. Visit the library. Let your child choose books to read from the library. The library is one of the most wondrous places for books, given their size alone. Also, most libraries host reading times for kids. Attend these on a regular basis and it may not be long before your child is requesting more reading time at home.

5. Use online tools and apps. The Internet provides a means to help children with their reading that can make it not only fun but engaging too.  Websites and apps are widely available to cater for all ages and abilities and can be easily integrated into a wider program of learning.  Moreover parents can enjoy playing games and activities with their children.

6. Give books as gifts. At every opportunity, offer books as presents. From birthdays to holidays, books make great gifts. Consider providing a gift card so that they can choose their own book at a local bookstore. Most bookstores have large sections devoted to kids where they can peruse a large selection. Also, encourage family and friends to offer books and gift cards as an alternative to other items.

7. Assemble a library. Most every space has room for a book case, including a child’s room. While your child is quite small, start a special library for them, even if only a shelf is available. Keep books that small kids can handle easily. For example, special, durable and plastic covered books. Allowing the children to touch books will also engage them further and help to develop an affinity for them.

8. Travel with books. Every time you leave the house – whether it is to do a quick errand or make a road trip, carrying a book along is a great way to get kids interested in reading. For younger kids, a read along device is an excellent way to teach reading skills. Older children can grow to enjoy choosing a book to take along to read while away from home.

9. Keep reading aloud. Even after your child has mastered the art of reading, continue to read aloud to them. Encourage them to read to you, as well. This proactive and shared approach will strengthen your children’s appreciation and interest in books.

It is widely recognized that good literacy skills like reading and writing are important life skills and unfortunately those who do not possess these skills can find it difficult to progress in life, both professionally and socially. Good literacy skills begin at an early age and set the foundations for future learning and progression. There are numerous reasons that some children do not enjoy reading. However, using the above tips could help make the process of enticing kids to read easier. The more fun you make it – the greater the chance that your child will want to participate in reading on a regular basis. 

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Georgina Clatworthy is a freelance writer and mother of three, who knows the value of reading with children from an early age.  Reading Row is a website designed to help parents teach kids how to read by supplementing current education or preparing them for school.  By understanding the importance of reading with children, the website offers a fun and engaging way for parents to help children develop the skills and confidence to read on their own.

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