Movavi Video Converter Review

Videos are almost everywhere nowadays, and most people tend to use them on a daily basis. Along with the popularity of videos however, many have started to find that they face several issues – chief among which being in terms of video compatibility as well as the amount of space they take up.

Although most people use videos in one way or other, very few really understand the technical details involved in video formats and settings. As such they view converting videos to make the compatible or in order to optimize them as ‘out of reach’. While that may have been the case in the past, the Movavi Video Converter actually makes it extremely easy to convert and optimize your videos however you need.

Movavi Video Converter Review

What makes the Movavi Video Converter unique is the fact that it has an intuitive and straightforward approach to converting videos. Essentially it only requires you to select your video and the format that you want to convert it into. In fact, you don’t even have to select the format and can simply select a preset for any device or platform that you desire – thus allowing you to convert your videos and optimize them for that specific device or platform without needing to know the first thing about any of the actual formats or settings.

The available presets are nothing less than comprehensive, and there’s even support for mobile devices along with online video sharing platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Suffice to say, you should definitely be able to find the preset that you need to make sure your video is optimized and compatible – all in the same go.

While its primary role may be as a movie converter, the Movavi Video Converter is actually just as capable of converting images and audio files too – making it more of an all-purpose media conversion software. It has a host of other capabilities as well, such as creating animated GIFs out of video clips, extracting the audio from videos, and even taking screenshots directly from videos. On top of that there are even basic editing features that will let you enhance the quality of your videos, insert customizable text as captions or watermarks, cut and combine video segments, or crop and rotate the video frame.

Each and every one of these additional features is equally easy to use and it shouldn’t take you long to experiment and figure them out. Normally it takes just a matter of minutes to get comfortable with the Movavi Video Converter, and from that point on you’ll have an easy, quick, and convenient way to optimize your videos, ensure they’re compatible, and even tweak them as and how you require.

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