Must Do Things In The Enchanted Valley Of Kashmir

Be it the stories about ancient culture, mesmerising beauty or political agenda, there is no corner in the world, where people have not directly or indirectly heard about Kashmir. Its serenity and surreal beauty is too tempting for any traveller to resist. It is often called the Heaven On Earth, but simply words cannot do justice to the experience of visiting this place. Flocked by thousands of tourists from across the globe and all walks of life, Kashmir never fails to surprise visitors with its never-ending charm. Be it for an adventure trekking trip, skiing or honeymoon holidays in Kashmir, you would not be able to forget the time spent here in the arms of nature. The majestic mountains and vast expanses of pine forests will humble you not just once, but over and over again; till you are filled to the brim with pleasure.

As it comprises deep valleys along the rivers Jhelum, Indus and Chenab, Kashmir is also referred to as ‘The Valley’. It is perhaps one place in the country that observes four easily distinguishable seasons during a year. During summers and springs, the valley is blooming with aromatic flowers of all sorts. In autumn, with all the dead leaves forming a natural carpet, it gains a shade of red. Then comes the winter, during which the valley is covered in snow. This is the time when Kashmir looks most enchanting and the only word that comes to mind at the sight of it is ‘paradise’. So, how about spending some alone time with your partner in the metaphorical heaven. Listed below are a few things that make Kashmir honeymoon holidays memorable.

Must Do Things In The Enchanted Valley Of Kashmir

Shikara Ride

 Shikaras can often be spotted in many Bollywood movies. For those who cannot recall such scenes, it is a long, narrow, wooden boat seen on the lakes and other water bodies of Kashmir. During your Kashmir honeymoon, do not miss the chance to enjoy a ride of shikara with your loved one. Explore the charm of Himalayan landscape as you float by lotus flowers and other shikaras with exotic names.

Staying On a Dal Lake Houseboat

Nestled in the snow-capped Himalayas, Srinagar has often been glamorised by romantic Bollywood movies. It is one of the most famous hill stations in the Indian subcontinent. If Kashmir is the jewel of India’s crown, then Srinagar is the heart of this jewel. In Srinagar, lies the placid Dal Lake – among the largest lakes in the state. Now, riding a boat in water is one thing but living in a house on the boat is a completely different thing. That too surrounded by the magical views of the nightsky and mountains.

During holidays in this pristine land, living on a houseboat at Dal Lake is a must-do. This is one of the best things you will do to your newly-formed relationship. Imagine spending a night or two under the sparkling canopy of stars, while surrounded by the floating gardens.

Soak the Magic of Gulmarg

 The entire valley of Kashmir is blessed with natural splendours and welcoming people. So, it wouldn’t be fair to miss out on the natural beauty that lies outside Srinagar. There are places like Gulmarg that give you a perfect opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some moments of repose. It is one such place in the entire Himalayan Range, where you get to see the nature at its best. Vistas of rolling green hills, meadow of flowers or snow-peaked mountains, just name it and Gulmarg endowed with everything.

Take a Walk on The Mughal Side

 The well-manicured Mughal Gardens in the state are a colourful and fragrant reminder of the Mughal past of the Valley. The famous gardens were built by the Mughals and feature fountain pools, terraced lawns and chinar trees. These gardens are indeed a feast for the senses. Take in the rich, sweet fragrance of the flowers and travel back in time, and explore the intricate Mughal architecture while taking a walk with your better half in these blooming gardens.

After reading a lot about this paradise on earth, a Kashmir honeymoon package is what most of you would look for. Many online travel portals (OTAs) offer customised packages so that you can explore the different aspects of this place as per your interests.

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