Must Haves For Kitchen Modeling

Kitchen remodeling can be tough, and it can seem like there aren’t that many options. That’s because many  kitchen fixtures are necessary for a functional purpose, like dishwashers, ovens, and large sinks. However, there are lots of ways to change up the look of your kitchen without compromising your needs. The trick to good kitchen design is balancing things like storage and functionality with having a stylish appearance.

Storage & Functionality
Kitchens require a lot of storage. Whether it’s dishware, cutlery, cookware, or of course food, having effective storage space will really open up the room. Using wire organizers inside your cabinets will help you use the space to its fullest. Another way to maximize space in your cabinets is to store your pots and pans on a hanging, overhead rack. Similarly, magnetic wall strips for your knives – which are safe, even though they may seem dangerous – are a good way to free up some drawers.

Another must-have in the kitchen is durability. Kitchens see a lot of wear and tear because of all the cooking, cleaning, and entertaining that goes on in them. Your countertops, appliances, and flooring all have to be tough to withstand the heavy traffic in the kitchen. Water and stain resistant hardwood flooring is a great option for the kitchen, as well as tile and laminate flooring. For countertops, granite, stone, and laminate are all durable materials.

The important thing about a kitchen’s appearance is that it should seem open and spacious. A kitchen is a workspace and a place for people to gather, so you don’t want it to seem cramped or too small. Kitchen islands are a good way to create more counter space without the kitchen seeming too crowded by counters.

Another way to make your kitchen look more open is to use open shelving units in addition to cabinets. This will create the appearance of more space in your kitchen. Also, putting in cabinet liners and interiors that complement the color scheme of your dishware will brighten up the look of your kitchen. Colorful cabinet interior design is also a good way to add a pop of color to your kitchen. Kitchens are usually designed with neutral colors, but having a splash of color on your countertops or cookware is a fun idea.

Try these hints and tips for your next kitchen remodel, and you’ll have an open, functional kitchen with no lack of storage space.

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