My Car Is In The Shop… Again!

When you buy a car, you expect it to have some issues, right? But what you don’t expect is that you’ll get a lemon. A lemon is a vehicle that appears to be just fine before you buy it but that pretty much falls apart after the purchase is complete. You might find yourself in the shop over and over again for the same problem. How do you know if you have a lemon and if you need to contact lemon law lawyers for help? There are a few things you can look for.

What makes a car a lemon?

  1. Have you had the same repair done multiple times? If your vehicle has had the same repair more than three times or if the problem cannot be fixed by a dealership or mechanic shop, you might be dealing with a lemon.
  2. Your vehicle can be considered a lemon in New Jersey if it has been in the shop for more than 20 days at a time in a month within the first 24 months or 24,000 miles (whichever occurs first). Another thing that makes a car a lemon is if you have an original or extended warranty and have issues or problems that can’t be fixed within three attempts.
  3. Have you had the same life-threatening problem occurring in your vehicle, the same parts failing, or the same issues that constantly need to be repaired by the dealership? Issues can be anything from problems with the vital functions of the vehicle in question to even a stench in the vehicle. If it has any other problems or is in need of repairs that the dealer has not previously made you aware of, it might be a lemon.

When you should get in touch with a lawyer
Having car troubles is a huge hassle; it’s your transportation, your mobility. You’re not made of money. Fortunately, there is some legal protection if you find yourself in possession of a lemon, and you might even be able to get free representation in your state. The term lemon law refers to the laws concerning vehicles that are considered lemons and your rights concerning them. Contact lemon law lawyers to see what can be done about your situation. He or she will inform you of what you can do and what you’re entitled to regarding your vehicle. Each state differs regarding the lemon law. You might be entitled to have the repairs paid for, your legal fees taken care of, and a new vehicle provided to you.

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