Not that kind of butter

Scientists from Michigan invented a type of “butter” (I still can’t grasp why they call it butter, it’s just confusing) that would protect clothes from various liquid substances – if we would spread the thing over our shirts, there would be no ketchup stains there to remind us all day that we had a hamburger for breakfast.


Practical application of this butter could also be much larger that that, or textile industry in general. Approximately 95 percent of this unique spread is actually nothing but air, and it’s surface is rejecting particles of liquid, which leads to the fact that clothes won’t absorb any coffee, alcohol or – dangerous acid. This “butter” is a mixture of particles that are half rubber, half plastic but who both form polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), and also highly resilient nano-liquid which was developed by American Aviation. This nano-liqued, as they call it, is made out of carbon, fluorine, silicon and of course, oxygen. The butter itself reduces intermolecular forces which are attracting the particles, so the liquid doesn’t stain any cloth because it practically just bounces back. Very important thing about this butter is that it is applicable on any kind of surface, which makes the area in which it can be used rather big.

Testings Testings

Scientists from Michigan tested more then one hundred different types of liquid. The results were more then good, because it seems that only freons (used in air-conditions, refrigerators and similar machines) managed to go through this butter like mixture of this and that. In this test, butter was a safe protection from such enemies like coffee, alcohol, shampoo, colors from home printers, colors from industrial printers, gasoline and herbal oils.

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention sulfuric acid. After the contact between the liquid and the coated cloth, positive or negative charge is created and the liquid immediately starts to expand. Scientists managed to drastically reduce cross influence between the surface and the drops, and that is what makes the liquid bounce off.

Wide Application

So, I guess first people on the delivery list for this type of butter won’t be those who can’t handle their morning hamburger – it will probably be those who actually need it. The butter is so light that it can be used on military suits, suits of scientists who are working with dangerous chemicals and acids, and workers on boats.

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