Natural and Fast Ways To Rid Cellulite For Women Over 30

Learn how to eliminate cellulite in just two months through anti cellulite diet plan, simple morning cellulite workout, massage brush and coffee wraps.

Water to Eliminate Cellulite

Start drinking 3 liters or more of water every day, will help reduce cellulite fast. For best results, squeeze 2 to 3 lemons in that water. Right after the bed, drink ½ liter of lemon water, and then, during the whole day, drink the remaining 2 and ½ liters. It’s alright, if you drink more than 3 liters. Drinking lots of water will keeps our lower abdomen hydrated and therefore reduces bad water and bloating from the body, and after few days, you will see cellulite reducing considerably.

Natural and Fast Ways To Rid Cellulite For Women Over 30

Using Massage Brushing to Increase Blood Flow in lower Body

Next thing is to increase blood flow in the cellulite affected areas. Cellulite exercises are best, however there is another trick that is more effective, and when combined with cellulite workouts given below, will eliminate cellulite permanently. This trick is to use soft massage brush to massage lower body parts and belly area, every day. I suggests to apply coconut oil, and then massage your skin for 5 to10 minutes, in circular upwards movement. On average a massage brush cost $14 and you can find it easily at local shops and online stores. Using coffee ground wraps twice a week can increase the effects of massaging brush and it renews skin as well.

Cellulite diet – Proteins and Veggies Are Foods that Fight Cellulite

A diet plan based on fresh fruits, veggies, and protein can help eliminate cellulite fast. Fruits have sucrose. Don’t go above 150 grams in a day. If you are taking veggies, try to take them fresh around 1 pound every day.

Eat about 1200 to 1300 calories every day; if it isn’t sufficient go for 1500 calories every day. However be careful that around half of these calories count are from protein such as turkey or chicken breast, haddock or salmon, egg whites, cottage cheese or whey, as these super foods help eliminate cellulite faster.

Natural and Fast Ways To Rid Cellulite For Women Over 30

Anti-Cellulite exercises – Be Cellulite Free As Soon As Possible

Anti-cellulite workouts are important because they help you to tone your muscles and at the same time they repair tissues that connect skin with muscles. The biggest truth about cellulite is that these tissues do not work appropriately, but such exercise will help you to recover them.

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