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Raramuri – People Who Run

In the Copper Canyon which is intersecting mountain wreath of Sierra Madre Occidental in Mexico – lives an Indian tribe of Taramahuma, whose members are calling themselves “Raramuri” or “people who run”. Apart from avoiding Spanish conquerors and preserving the culture of living in caves, they are known for their calmness and superhuman endurance which allows them to run very long through hostile environments. A case of an explorer was documented in which the explorer was riding a mule for 10 hours, while a member of the tribe managed to run the same distance in 90 minutes. One of the reasons that they can run that much  in footwear similar to flip-flops is that they are trained not to spare their feet. They are strengthening their feet since early ages by running through forest while dribbling a wooden ball.


Whenever they live their caves, Taramahumas are going into unknown because they never can tell how fast they will have to run to catch a rabbit, or how much wood for heating will they bring back home or what kind of danger they can fall into while climbing the trees during the storm. But there is no diabetes, or vascular diseases, or intestinal cancer among them. Food they eat is probably available in your grocery store, bean, green vegetable, corn, peppers, fruit juices etc.

Along with the home brewed type of beer, a favorite drink of Taramahumas is made by dissolution of chili pepper seed in water, with some sugar and lime juice. The chili pepper seed are full of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, fibers and antioxidants.

No curiosity

After spending time with the tribe, on several occasions and several months each visit – a team of explorers reported that their natural inviolability isn’t only an effect of their physical good health. In the time spent with the tribe, explorers reported no murders, suicides or crimes or cruelty of any kind. In a study of National Geographic in 2008, an explorer said that he was never in a more pleasant environment. Explorers were treated with respect, and there were no signs of curiosity among tribe members regarding the explorers, not even when explorers were photographing them, and showing them photographs. Also, explorers were surprised that people from the Taramahuma tribe rejected all the food that they offered them, even after they saw them eating it.

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