Natural Products for Pets Having a Good Impact on the Market

The market is seeing a recent trend and affinity towards natural pet products. The owners of the pets have started reacting to the market in a different manner. Now a day, the pet owners care for their pets as one of their own members of the family, prompting them to pamper their pets in a similar fashion in which they take care for any other member of their family.

Such is the extent that the owners of the pets are turning towards feeding their pet animals with natural pet products. With the passage of time, the packaged food products for the pets are also becoming highly harmful, since they are mostly devoid of any natural mineral that is quite essential for the well-being of any living animal. The natural, eco-friendly and organic pet products are therefore becoming the perfect alternative for the owners of the pets, all over the world.

It is also a fact that the owners of the pet prefer to feed their pet, what they themselves are eating. This has also catered for the increasing demand of the natural pet products in the market, since the owners find it extremely useful for their pets to be fed with natural food just like the human beings.

The natural pet food products are also very good for the growth of the pet animals and they do not even pose as a threat to the animal. According to the survey reports, there is a steady rise in the demand of these kinds of pet food. It was estimated that in the year 2011 the market for the natural pet food product was worth 18.1 billion, while that is steadily tending to rise by 15 per cent by the year 2016.

According to surveys conducted, it has been found that 75 per cent of the population owing pets, consider the value, along with the price of the food product for their pets. The factors of taste and nutritional value associated with the product do not flash in the minds of the pet owners in majority of the cases. While it has been reported that the cat food of natural ingredient has rose to 6.8 billion in the year 2011, the market of that of the dog food is estimated to increase by 20 per cent, touching 10.6 billion, from the year 2006 to 2011. In many cases, the owners even tend to shun packaged food products for their pets.

Seeing this pattern, the big companies are starting marketing the animal food by focusing on the organic preparation process. Majority of the branded pet food manufacturers are now stressing more on the fact that their products are natural and not artificially created. The major retailers of the world are also turning towards selling natural food for the pet animals, since they are showing an increase in demand in the market.

However, the recent pattern of the pet-owners’ behavior has forced the pet food manufacturers to switch to selling natural pet foods. As the situation is indicating, the demand of such type of pet food is in the increasing side, and surely, the market for the natural and organic pet food will flourish in the coming days.

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