Netflix Thinks That TV Will Look Like This In 2025

With more and more users each day, Netflix continues to offer original content alongside fan favourites. Who are we to question them when they say that they know what the future of TV is going to be?

Netflix Thinks That TV Will Look Like This In 2025

Personalised television

Netflix’s chief product officer, Neil Hunt, shared his thoughts at the recent Internet Week conference. He predicted that above all, Netflix will be able to foresee exactly what you want to watch. The streaming service currently offers suggestions based on what you have already watched, but this is just a fraction of the personalisation that Netflix could offer in the future. Hunt forecasts that viewers will no longer need to spend time searching through its programming. Instead, the recommendation service will be so finely tuned that it will suggest just one or two perfectly matched shows.

Flexibility with filmmaking

Netflix took a huge gamble when it removed some content in order to concentrate more on original programming. Luckily, this risk paid off, with service subscriptions reaching an all-time high. However, with the improved personalisation engine allowing viewers to find small shows that may previously have been impossible to find, it means that there is more freedom to keep smaller, lesser-known content than before.

Netflix Thinks That TV Will Look Like This In 2025

With dedicated audiences, filmmakers will also get more creative freedom as they no longer need to concentrate on creating shows with a cliffhanger at the end of each episode in order to encourage the viewer to tune in next week. They are able to make the show exactly how they envisioned it and not worry about viewers missing an episode as they can easily catch up or binge-watch the entire series.

Modern television

With internet TV booming, traditional television services will become less popular as time goes on. In terms of advertising, this means one of two things: companies will have to look elsewhere to advertise their products or personalised TV will allow for targeted ads to suit the individual. If you haven’t yet looked into this new breed of modern TV, you could look into Evesham TV aerial installation, such as the one found at, to help you get up to speed.

With competition rising between the providers, let’s hope that the pressure will help to create some excellent programming in the years to come.