New Educational Projects Between India and Scotland

Cultural and External Affairs cabinet minister revealed about the joint educational initiative to be taken by Scotland and India. Four new educational projects will be undertaken by these two countries, including cooperation between “Indian Technology School,” “Robert Gordon University,” “Dundee University” and “Queen Margaret University.” This is done in order to develop and sustain tourism industries in rural areas being commenced by “Scottish Investment Operations.”

Recently, “Scottish Development International” in collaboration with “Planning Commission” and “Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry” has organized for ‘Innovation in Education’ conference in New Delhi wherein the announcement had been made. The conference was being attended by 4 senior representatives of Scottish educational institutions. One of the representatives namely Hyslop focused on educational importance for India if it desired to reach the economic goals. He even emphasized the fact that education can play a vital role in increasing employment opportunities for students.

Hyslop added that India being a good trading hub and investment partner with Scotland; it offered India with technical expertise that is helping out the economy to reach its goals. Hyslop mentioned that his visit to India mainly lies in the opportunities of business trade between the two countries.

Besides Mark Dolan, Scottish Development International manager for India has thrown a limelight in educational relationship between the two countries. He mentioned that India and Scotland share long-term educational relationship. He said that the present Scottish higher educational institutes and 7 Universities are running successfully. In the conference, he announced that “Scottish Development International” and Scottish Government would continue to back India for education as well as human resource initiatives.

Even the conference included agreements being signed between MITSOT (Maharashtra Institute of Technology School Of Telecom Management), an affiliation of MIT (Maharashtra Institute of Technology) and RGU (Robert Gordon University). Under the agreement, Pune University would see students from MITSOT as part of 2-year course in PG diploma in management; spend then 2 semesters undergoing MSc in International business at RGU. Third semester would be based on thesis projects under supervision of RGU at MITSOT. Scottish Investment Operations is known for raising financial services and human resource industry worldwide.

Dundee University is being opted to run a placement programme in UK, which is a part of Education and Research initiative being taken by UK and India jointly. This placement programme would help the graduates from UK to enter the workplace and gain experience of living in India. QMU (Queen Margaret University) has been working in collaboration with “YES Bank” and Scottish Government using knowledge for development of tourism industries in the rural area with the help of local communities.

The partnership is likely to launch in November – “Edge of India” which is a joint network of tourism in rural areas and global tourism being located in London. Pawan Agarwal (adviser for higher education and culture, Planning Commission) expressed his excitement in planning the workshop. And Prime Minister of India declared this as innovation decade and the prime key to promote innovation and cross learning from each other.

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