New G-Cloud Service For Cloud Public Sector Procurement

The Government department has recently announced that there will be a total of 3000 additional IT services made available through their supplier framework, G-Cloud. As of now, it is reported that there will be an impressive 458 suppliers making a range of services, from simulation and training, to anti-spam and many more available for obtaining through the government’s “CloudStore” and the cloud computing services catalogue that contains all.

The G-Cloud framework functions as a way for public sector traders to gain access to the services being offered by the providers that have been listed on the framework. What’s more, since the first G-Cloud came into existence in February, the list of suppliers has more or less doubled — most of which qualify as small to medium sized enterprises.

According to the Cabinet Office, the second G-Cloud procurement that has just been announced simply functions to build on the first framework and to improve the services that it has been making available to the public sector. It is expected to transform the way in which the suppliers that are listed work with the government, how the public sector purchases the services available and how the taxpayer is able to save money on certain services across the country.

The founding of the initial G-Cloud supplier was highly beneficial for the public sector –enabling the purchase of a variety of IT services directly from the Government’s CloudStore. This has always been carried out using a pay-as-you-go system – meaning that the development and implementation of one’s own system is not necessary. This system also means that the government no longer needs to waste time replicating certain services that cannot be joined together or shared.

There have been reports of 99 separate occasions in which the public sector have bought IT services from CloudStore. For these services, a total of £22 million has already been spent by public sector organisations; in addition to this, according to the Cabinet Office, an estimated 70% of services were supplied to the public realm by SME’s.

Accessibility For SME’s

The high level of purchases from SME’s from the G-Cloud framework and from CloudStore, as suggested by G-Cloud Programme Director Denise McDonagh, is a great way to be sure that the government is straying away from reliance on the smaller group of larger firms for services in IT. And as far as the G-Cloud idea goes, this is certainly a step in the right direction. All service providers should be encouraged to raise the quality and value of their services – improving the general marketplace and giving taxpayers the opportunity to spend less. This will also mean that suppliers will waste less time and spend less sue to the increased simplicity of procurement.

Based on reports from the Cabinet Office, the creation of the G-Cloud framework has meant that the cost of communication services across the country will now be much cheaper than in past years, benefiting British citizens by providing increased access to a number of new and joined-up public services.

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