New Men’s Prada Collection Is Fashionable And Wearable: Milan

At the Milan fashion week on Sunday, the spotlight was on fashion giant Prada who impressed onlookers with a new collection that was both fashionable and wearable; too terms that are often incongruous on the catwalk. The new Prada collection highlighted Miuccia Prada’s talent for straightforward yet brilliant design, which was set against a rather unique backdrop that resembled the interior of a home. We take a closer look at what could possibly be one of Prada’s most memorable collections in recent years.

Prada’s 2013 Men’s Autumn Winter Collection

At first glance the Prada collection seems made for men who are a bit absent minded, with shirt bottoms left untucked and collars askew. However, everything about the Prada look is intentional, to create a look that can be instantly transferred from the catwalk to pavement. The collection can be described as a combination of classic cuts, colours and fabrics, such as knit jumpers and tailored jackets, with a modern twist that is reminiscent of the 1950s. The designs were fairly straightforward, with clean lines and angles. The palette was simple too, with vibrant reds, blues and yellows dominating.

Classic yet Cool

The first outfit of the Prada collection exemplified the stylistic points above. A classic blue crewneck knit was pulled over a vibrant red shirt, with one collar poking up from the neckline. This was matched with narrow check trousers that were short enough to expose the ankles, a fashion that is very much in this season. The Prada shoes were chunky with laces, and were worn without socks to complete the look. The overall picture gives the impression of cool nerd, which is a masculinity that favours the sharp, tech-savvy and urban kind of man; instantly appealing and a central component of Prada’s aesthetic.

Other features of the Prada’s new collection include check Crombie coats and tailored jacket and trouser combinations, which make use of coloured blocks in complementary colours, such as turquoise and burgundy. The influence of retro here is unmistakable, although it is clear that the collection was not inspired by a single period. Instead, the inspiration is daily fashion, fashion that is wearable now and fashion that wants to be worn by men.

The Backdrop of the Prada Men’s Collection

The presentation of the Prada collection was also something to admire. Guests were met with a series of interior room sets featuring a skilled mix of modern, retro-styled furniture. Common household props like irons and telephones complemented the everyday wearability of the clothes. The furniture was courtesy of design company Knoll, who helped create a scene that resembled not only a fashion show, but also the inside of an interior design magazine for this season’s winning Prada collection.

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