New Trailer of Wreck-It-Ralph is Out

Once again Walt Disney Pictures have rocked the animation studio by introducing the new trailer for popular, Wreck-It- Ralph. It has already created a buzz over the internet, and viewers are happy to get something special and unique for kids (for elders as well) to enjoy the Christmas holidays properly.

The movie will feature voices of Sarah Silverman, John C Reilly, Jane Lynch and Jack McBrayer. The Movie is about to release anytime between the first week of November. The story line of the movie, that though surrounds a game world, is still quite interesting and is liked by all viewers present during the premier.

The General Story line for Wreck-It-Ralph is different for the November release and here it shows that Ralph the hero is being overshadowed by Felix, also known as Fix it. Felix is actually a good guy-sort of character in the game who always remains present on time to save others. Ralph is not ready to accept the fact any more that year after years he is being represented always as a bad guy.

To get rid of the issue, Ralph has decided to take the entire responsibility personally to prove that he is not less potential than Felix and has the ability to be appreciated as a hero. To succeed in this goal, Ralph finally sets off a journey, (Game Hopping) through out the arcade through all generation of popular video games.

During the journey, he meets several characters like Sergeant Calhoun, (Who is as tough as nails), Vanellope Schweetz, Sugar Rash and he meet all these characters at different parts of his game arcade journey. Ralph meets the sergeant during the first action game that is known as hero’ duty and faces Vanellope during the cart -racing game at candy-coated land.

His meeting with Sugar Rash was a bit adventurous as his world was threatened due to Ralph’s decision of unleashing deadly enemy there who actually threatens to destroy the entire arcade. Well, it is being expected as Ralph is planning to take place of Felix, he will understand the crisis and will take necessary measurement to protect the day.

Two of the Wrecking-It-Ralph’s songs have been quite popular yet, one is “Once in Lifetime” sung by Talking Heads and the other is, “Good Feelings” sang by Flo Rida. According to viewers, the content of the songs suits the comical element of the movie perfectly.

The most beautiful scene of the move probably is the one e that is screened even before the movie starts properly. Here Ralph the yet bad guy throws a party for the NPCs to celebrate the anniversary of the game. The unnatural interaction within the dwellers of 8bit building and the constant villain of the place seem to be priceless according to many viewers.

Ralph here wanted to be a part of the celebration but can’t do that in reality as he is scared of the Nicelanders as he is a bad guy. Well, it is supposed that this incident motivated Ralph and influenced him to emerge as a good character, probably as a hero.

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