New Year Resolutions Events Planners Need To Make

As the end of 2017 looms, it is a good time to think ahead to 2018 and any New Years’ Resolutions you have. It can be said of any role and business that there is room for improvement, so why not make next year the year of positive change in your professional life?

New Year Resolutions Events Planners Need To Make

For event planners seeking an excellent work-life balance over the course of the next 12 months, there are a few changes that could and should be made.

Plan the finances

As someone who works with budgets on a daily basis, you will know that the success of events comes down to numbers – not only how big your guest list is but how cheaply you can cater for each individual and the profit you can gather. Get your budget in place from the start so you can deliver on that special event.

If your budget is particularly tight, why not consider seeking sponsorship to help make the funds stretch that little bit further? Also, there is no harm in asking your regular vendors if you might be able to get discounted rates. After all, loyal custom should entitle you to better deals (see

New Year Resolutions Events Planners Need To Make

Be more sociable

Do you think you have enough connections? In the world of events, you can never have too many contacts. Why not use your social media accounts to attract new interest from clients and suppliers? Use tools like Facebook to set up interactive quizzes with prizes, or use Instagram to seek out suppliers offering something different. For example, Davis Events ( is an events agency in Dublin that has a modern website and numerous ways to connect with them.

Don’t hide behind your gadgets and technology. Be sure to pick up the phone whenever possible or visit sites in person for that personal touch. Even if you’re not feeling too chatty, you could end up establishing a really important working relationship at the end of it. An added bonus of going to sites in person is that you can meet the events teams that work in-house and get to know the venue better.

Finally, follow up on all events, even if they have gone brilliantly. Just because the delegates had a great time doesn’t mean that there weren’t things you could have improved!