Nice People DO Work For Google

It’s easy to picture Google as a villain. Their search results dominate your website’s traffic, they switched to all paid shopping results, they penalized sites for mysterious reasons and your website’s income relies heavily on pleasing them. They are big, big business with deep pockets for politicians, increasingly turning your keyword traffic to “not provided” data and they track your moves online. That’s enough to scare anyone. But a recent encounter I had with an Adsense representative reminded me that beneath that monumental reputation are thousands of normal people, some of whom actually care.

My Adsense Issue

Her name was Abby. She was probably was relatively new to the job. I had neglected to switch my Adsense account to a corporate account when I created a corporation for my website. Initially, she told me that I needed to create a new account by applying for one with a different email address. I did so and got rejected. Then she consulted with her manager and, sure enough, there was just a glitch preventing the new profile information from taking. She was apologetic and even took the time to look at my site, give me advice on better ad placement and sent me links to information. Certainly, she didn’t have to do that and I thought to myself, why doesn’t Google have more down to earth people like Abby communicating with the public.

Google Forums

It’s difficult to tell when a self-proclaimed Google guru will poke his head in with obnoxious advice, telling a webmaster that his site is junk and what did he expect to happen to his rankings. Every now and then, actual Google employees poke their heads in, but the response is factual and lacking in personality.

Truly, the only face the public recognizes is that of Matt Cutts, head of Google’s spam team. While his personality is cordial enough, he comes across like an IRS agent and scary in his own right. No one is left feeling that Google wants them to succeed. Webmasters live in fear of the next algorithm update and whether they can keep up with the changes or afford to pay someone to do them.

So, my message to Google is, do a better job with your public relations. Let the nicer people reach out and help people and act like you want webmasters to succeed. Without webmasters, you wouldn’t earn money from CPC ads because there wouldn’t be search results and there would be no place for Adsense.

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