Nike Sports – Sponsorship Giants

It’s no secret that Nike Sports has been burnt by a few of its sponsorships in recent times. First they had to deal with the commotion that erupted around Tiger Woods in 2009. More recently, the brand has had to sever ties with Lance Armstrong now that he has been formally accused of doping when racing.

These scandals have no doubt done some damage to the brand – figures show that the shareholders suffered a massive loss after Nike chose to stick with Tiger Woods. However, golf players are generally seen as bankable sponsorship deals and Woods has now regained some of his image and is on his way to becoming a decent role model again. On the other hand, Nike was quick to revoke its contract with the disgraced Lance Armstrong as the brand’s image has always been anti performance-enhancing drugs.

However, these recent upsets haven’t stopped this giant in the industry or slowed it down in any way. The brand is still going strong and is much loved by sportsmen and women around the world.

The brand that does more than just make sneakers and sportswear
The iconic tick can be seen in a range of sports; from American football through to track and field athletics. However, there are a few key areas that Nike focuses on, including:

  • Nike golf – Aside from Tiger Woods, the brand has a long list of exceptional players with sponsorship deals. These heavyweight Nike men include South Africans Trevor Immelman and Charl Schwartzel. There are also rumours circulating that Irishman Rory McIlroy is on the brand’s radar to sign up.
  • Nike football – As soccer is one of the most internationally loved and followed sports, it only made sense for this brand to get into making boots, clothing and equipment. Today, Nike is one of the leading manufacturers of apparel and gear. It also sponsors numerous teams on both a national and club level, notably the Brazilian squad, Manchester United and Barcelona.

  • Nike tennis – This brand has proudly sponsored many greats in this sport. Two of its most prominent players currently are the Williams sisters. Nike also has ties with both Federer and Nadal – two recognised legends of the game.

  • Nike running – Essentially, this sport launched the brand into the world of sponsoring professional sportsmen and women. One of their first well-known endorsements was the highly prominent middle and long-distance runner Steve Prefontaine. Over the years, Nike has had contracts with many other notable athletes such as Paula Radcliffe and the recent hero of the Olympics, Oscar Pistorious.


Even if you aren’t a professional athlete, you can benefit from the brand’s years of experience and their commitment to top-quality equipment and clothing. At retailers, such as Totalsports in South Africa, you can get a range of Nike sportswear, shoes and gear needed for training.

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