No Plane! No Train! You Can Drive To Some Popular British Spas!

If you have a short holiday break from work or school, you do not have to catch a plane or a train to go somewhere special. There are many great holiday destinations in the United Kingdom that you can easily travel to by car. You will also have the added benefit of saving more money because you can stay in the United Kingdom and you will not have to incur any added travelling fees. Before you decide to take any road trips, you need to make sure that you have your car properly maintenance, and you will also need to check your car insurance policy to make sure that it is current.

The Reasons Why More People Are Visiting Spas

A spa holiday can be an excellent way to take a much needed break. Stress from work, home, or school can affected someone’s mental and physical health. This is why a spa vacation is the perfect weekend getaway. There are a wide variety of spa locations in the United Kingdom, and they provide visitors with a luxurious vacation without having to travel out of the country.

Spas are usually water themed, and their main focus is relaxation. There are a few spas in the United Kingdom that receive their water from natural water sources. When you visit these spas you can expect to have the option of choosing between various steam and sauna spa treatments. You can also choose to have other beauty treatments that utilise mud and other natural resources.

You will not find any junk food available at a spa destination because the nutrition is focused on healthy eating. There will be plenty of low fat meal options for you to choose from. A spa may be a facility that is separate from other structures, or you may find spas within hotels, health centres, and other locations.

The Popular Spas in the United Kingdom

The Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and Spa that is located in Leicestershire is a highly awarded spa in Britain for Professional Beauty. They have several thermal spas, and they offer a variety of spa treatments within their Victorian themed hall. You can also work out daily and enjoy a healthy low fat diet whilst you are attending the spa. Visitors to the spa also have their choice of five swimming pools, with both indoor and outdoor pools. There are overnight stays packages available, or you can choose to stay for the day.

If you travel in your car north of the Ragdale, you will find yourself in York. This quaint countryside is home to Middlethorpe Hall. This is a country home that boasts over 15 acres of parks and gardens. Each bedroom is beautifully decorated, and the courtyard has been exquisitely restored. This hall showcases the ultimate spa retreat. You can choose from health or fitness activities whilst enjoying the whirlpool bath.

The Champneys Health Resort is one of the largest spa destinations in Britain. It has four different locations including Forest Mare and Tring. Forest Mare offers you the option of receiving care from an alternative health physician, and Tring has an innovative cardio theatre.

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