Northern Ireland Prison Officer David Black’s Murder Devastates His Family

The 52-year-old David Black’s murder at 7:30 GMT on the M1 motorway has left his family devastated. The investigation blames dissident republicans for the case. It is being concluded as the first attempt in two decades that a member of Ireland prison service has been murdered. Rev Tom Greer is the family minister of Black, who has reported that Black’s family has not appealed for any retaliation from any of the quarters. David’s wife Yvonne is broken by the incident and is in a state of shock. Kyle and Kyra, the two children of David are unable to accept the incident and are in a state of shock with the brutal killing of their father.

His family minister denoted that Mr. Black was one of the openhearted individuals, who had a good sense of humor and a caring nature. He was quite devoted to his family and very close to his old parents. He was a friend to many in his community. Mr. Black was not selfish and believed in helping people. He was a man, who was very strict about his duties.

However, last year another tragedy stroke the Black family, this being the second one. In his Maghera farm, Mrs. Black’s father was lost due to a slurry tank disaster. The control room of Northern Ireland Prison service concludes that in so many years of great service none of the officers were claimed to give away their personal protection weapon.

In the motorway between Lurgan and Portadown, Mr. Black was attacked. Reportedly, a four-wheeler with registration plates of Dublin fired a number of shots, leading Mr. Black’s car veered into a ditch. Prime Minister David Cameron promised to offer complete assistance to the Northern Ireland Prison Service Commission required to uncover the murderers and bring justice to Mr. Black.
This is a dreadful tragedy to all the friends and family members of David Black, who was so devoted to his duties. The murderers’ intentions would never be sustained and they would definitely be uncovered and put to trial.

The threat to Northern Ireland from dissident republicans has been severe since past few years. However, the attacks were lowered down in this year, as compared to the period of last year.
The investigation bureau is on the action field now and they claimed that dissident residents who had been threatening the peaceful community of Northern Ireland would never be sustained. As this is the first murder incidence since long twenty years over a member of Northern Ireland Prison Service Commission, it is very complicated. The murder would delight the galvanize and would definitely add up to union of community. However, their dreadful intentions to spoil the peace of this independent territory would never be spared. Reportedly, everything is being tracked down in details, and a serious investigation is being conducted on behalf of the incident. This involves the prestige of the Northern Ireland Prison Service Commission and the welfare of the general, which has to be justified.

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