Off To Uni? You Could Be Owed Tax

It’s often said that going to university is the greatest time in a person’s life and there’s perhaps a lot of truth in that.

On the one hand, it is likely to be the pinnacle of your education; the culmination of thirteen years of hard work, studying and revision. It’s the platform that allows you to make the leap from education onto the first rung of the ladder of your dream career.

On the other hand, it is likely to be the pinnacle of your social life; the culmination of eighteen plus years of socialising with friends and new acquaintances. University will open new doors in terms of friendships, relationships and places to visit.

For some people, university will mean a completely new way of life. A person might come from a sleepy little town with a sluggish pace of life and move into the bigger, brighter lights of a big city with a fast pace to life and that can be quite a shock to the system. It can also work the other way around.

What about Finance?
Whatever way you look at it, going off to university is something to be looked forward to. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement that a new way of life can bring, so much so that important things like tying up the loose ends back at home can be forgotten and often are. One of the biggest areas that can be neglected is the issue of finance. Partly due to the excitement but also due to the process of student loans, other issues can be ignored and sometimes at a monetary loss to the prospective university student. Most prospective students will aim to raise a few quid for many, many rounds of beer before the big move and will work as much as possible to put themselves in the best possible position to go out on the lash thirteen times a week. For many, this will be their first taste of working anything close to full time hours and the monetary reward from this will likely put a big grin on their face.

With all these areas of excitement, it’s easy to see why anyone, let alone an excitable student will forget the little necessities in life such as tax. The fact remains that our prospective student will be taxed on their hard (ish) work in the run up to moving and could potentially miss out on a large tax rebate. It’s always worth trying to keep a level head around these things as failure to tie up the loose ends before you leave could mean having an extra few hundred pounds to put into the beer rounds.

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