Offices Are The New Recruitment And Retainment Tool

Attracting and retaining top talent today is all about presenting a creative and stress-free environment. Companies and industries such as New Jersey web development are taking note of these innovative leaders of creative office spaces.


Tumblr’s space is reminiscent of early startup days. They have bold art, a ping pong table, two floors and an office dog to make the company truly feel as though it is still a bunch of people working hard on a startup at home.


This startup has an amazing vending machine that sells actual Makerbot toys. The space is filled with 3D printers. Inside these halls also resides the manufacturing floor where the machines are actually constructed and transported.


GitHub offices are funky. The rooms are filled with a an air of eccentricity and edge to give off a truly unique vibe. You will find motorcycles, beer on tap, a ladies lounge and scotch. They like their scotch.


The imagination of this startup is apparent. The walls are filled with art from their ground-breaking innovation, Draw Something. They also have an oversize television connected to various gaming consoles.


Gawker understands the importance of fresh air. This dynamic organization features a revolutionary rooftop deck to allow their employees to relax and work in a wide open space in the middle of the concrete jungle.


The artistic decor of this office space is truly fitting for an e-commerce design company. A few of the unique features are free hanging light sockets and vibrant colors and designs in everything from the floors to the chairs.


These offices were clearly designed with the creative types in mind. They have some traditional staples such as gaming consoles as well as a number of murals and a horse. This is not an ordinary horse. It is a horse on which you can draw. They also cleverly created a designers’ library.

AOL Ventures

This rehabbed building provides several startup companies with a few unique offerings such as healthy vending machines and the ability to measure one’s stress by an arcade machine.


Bright and energetic are the best ways to describe BuzzFeed offices. The spacious lunchroom is an energizing white. Various walls are painted yellow throughout and the conference rooms are all glass.


This office space is simply playful. The cartoon artists who designed the wall art capture the spirit of the company. Employees are able to lounge in a hammock or hang out in the cafeteria while they decompress.


LivingSocial takes the offices of startups to an entirely different level. They offer many interactive activities such as rock climbing, yoga, skeeball and shuffleboard. The boardroom is reminiscent of a traditional boardroom and the lobby is more like a hotel lobby than an office reception.


Quirky mixes things up entirely. They have an office that focuses on making newly developed products and a sales floor that sells inventions. It is a bit backward and that is the reason it is such a success.

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