Old-school Flooring Options That Feel Surprisingly Fresh

If you need of new flooring in your home but have yet to decide on the type, you will find a myriad of different styles, colours and textures to choose from.

Old-school Flooring Options That Feel Surprisingly Fresh

There are some surprising choices out there, from cork and ceramics to rubber and lino. Some of these choices may seem particularly old school, but that does not mean they are not currently on trend!

Here is a look at just a few of the floor types you may have encountered in the past that are making a stylish comeback in the present.


You’re most likely to have seen rubber flooring in a gym or weight room. This material is commonly used in fitness centres because of its strength and ability to absorb shocks. Although it was commonly used back in the 1970s, rubber is definitely bouncing back!

Made from recycled material, rubber tiles lock easily lock together and come in a huge variety of bold colours, shapes and designs. According to Houzz, rubber flooring is durable and warm underfoot and works well with underfloor heating.

Old-school Flooring Options That Feel Surprisingly Fresh
These floors could be used in a home gym as they protect the floor from damage, but they would also be great in a kids’ playroom or even to provide geometric shape and colour for a focal point in a conservatory or hallway.


A staple of many homes throughout the decades, particularly in kitchens, linoleum is now in vogue once again in some circles.

Inexpensive, easy to lay and work with, and relatively hardwearing, lino comes in many different shades and patterns. This will enable you to create the exact look you want without the expense.


You may think carpets have never gone away, and in a way, you’re right. Everyone loves the soft feel of a new carpet underfoot, but it is true it has gone out of fashion over the years.

Recently, however, interior designers have been falling back in love with the wall-to-wall carpeted look, especially in bedrooms, where its luxuriant qualities are most appreciated.

If you are looking for more modern types of floor, you could try grey laminate flooring, such as that available at www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk.

Whichever type of floor you go for, making sure you love it is more important than whether or not it is considered fashionable.