Online Shopping Tips And Tricks

For some of us, online shopping has become a way of life. With our hectic and almost toxic work schedules, it’s just so much convenient for us to purchase things we need over the Internet instead of having to leave home or work to run errands. But while goods and services are just clicks away, it’s also very easy for you to be scammed if you’re not careful enough. If online shopping is a new thing for you or if you want to be wiser about purchasing things online, here are a couple of ways that you can prevent ever getting duped online:

1. Protect your credit card information.

When transacting online, the preferred method of payment is through plastic cards. However, if your credit card information unfortunately gets to the wrong hands, then you could be waist deep in some very hot water. Your first line of defense is making sure that you’re transacting with a secure website. Some of the signs that an online merchant’s website is secure are the presence of a padlock sign and urls that begin with an https:// as compared to just the ordinary, non-secure http://. You can also check out the page certificate of your website to and make sure that everything matches and adds up.

2. Check out other payment options.

If you really want to guard your credit card information vigilantly, then ask your credit card company if they offer single-use credit card numbers which expire only after one purchase. Only your credit card company knows to which account these temporary credit card numbers are linked to. You can also minimize the damage that any hacker could do if you assign one credit card just for online purchase for easy tracking. Lastly, resist the urge to use a debit card since chances of your finances being in ruins is higher when your debit account gets hacked as compared to your credit card.

3. Get to know the “restocking fee”.

If you purchase something online and decide that it’s not the right size/does not match your hair color/is just ugly, and return the item, you’ll have to face the “restocking fee”. This is because someone in the warehouse receives all of the items a company purchases, packages them and gets them ready to be shipped out to a buyer. When you send something back, that same person will have to re-package and re-place the same item again, and because they don’t do all that for free, you’ll have to pay for indecisiveness.

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