Open House Tips

When it comes to bringing new real estate agent tactics are more effective than an open house. While everyone knows that you should remove clutter and personal items from the property to make it more inviting to potential buyers, there are some more unique open house ideas that can help to grab attention and bring in buyers.

Open House Tips

Get Creative with the Food

A time-honored open house tactic is to put out a plate of cookies or o¬ther snacks to try and get people through the door. But offering snacks can be a waste of money if they are not doing the job of attracting people. Instead of cookies or snacks, set up a grill in the front yard and start grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. It costs a little more than a tray of cookies, but the aroma from the grill will be much more effective at bringing in foot traffic.

Don’t Sell the Property

When people come to an open house, they want to walk through the property and see what it has to offer. It can be distracting to buyers if the real estate agent is wandering through the property constantly asking if anyone has questions. As you greet each potential buyer at the door, hand them your informational pamphlet on the property and then let them wander around.

If you see buying signs such as a couple doing a lot of talking among themselves, then you can move in to try and close the deal. But until you see interest, it is best not to try and sell the property to everyone who walks through the door. Let the property set up the sale, and then you can close it.

Get Local Artists Involved

Before your open house put the word out to local artists that you would like to feature their art in the house, you are trying to sell. To help bring in more foot traffic, the artists will immediately promote your open house and help to spread the word. You may even get to make a small commission selling some local art as well.

Keep an Eye on Your Crowd

While constantly approaching potential buyers to try and sell the property is not a great idea that does not mean that you should stay by the front door throughout the entire event. Your job is to sell the house, and make sure that none of the possessions are stolen. Quietly mingle throughout the property to discourage vandalism, and watch for potential thieves.

An open house can be fun and exciting. Get free advice from the professionals of Irvine Residential Living. If you get creative with it, we will also help to increase your chances of making a sale.

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