Open Your Business On A Budget

If your lifetime ambition is to open your very own business, but something always props up against you preventing you from opening it, then you may want to think about opening your business quickly on a budget. Some people will spend an absolute fortune when opening their business, they will spend hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on top of the range furniture and equipment and will make it into a very long drawn out process. Not all openings need to be like that, as it is possible to open quickly without spending too much money.


You may not be able to budget much when choosing the location of your business. Depending on what you are selling, you may need to be in a city centre so that you don’t lose customers to your competitors. If your don’t necessarily need to be in a busy city centre, then you can save huge amounts on the location which you choose. You should choose a quiet area on the outskirts of the city. You should be careful not to choose a location which is difficult to get to, as this can put off potential customers and clients.

Employee Rates

To make sure that you can afford to open your own business, you should make sure that you can afford to pay employees. A lot of people are now struggling to get a job so most people will be happy with any wage. You should plan to give your employees a low starting wage with pay rises in the near future at the end of their probation time. This will give you enough time to get more money into your business.


You don’t need to buy top of the range furniture but it is important that you do choose furniture which does look good and feels comfortable. If you are going to have regular customers and clients coming into your business, you want them to believe in the service which you are selling and if your business looks tatty and cheap then they are going to struggle to believe in your service. You may want to choose furniture from a second hand furniture shop or flat pack furniture which is also cheap.


It is not necessary that you are going to need brand new equipment; it is much cheaper to buy it second hand. If you are going to need a number of computers, telephones or printers then you can go to a second hand shop where you can purchase them at a group price making it much cheaper, you can also request having a long warranty on your items so you are protected if anything goes wrong. You can also purchase used machinery if you are opening more of a factory business. You will be able to find the best deals for used computers and used machine tools by searching for a used technology dealer in your local area. Many machine tools will be sold after only being used a few times, this is because they may not be needed anymore for a number of different reasons.

Jennifer always wanted to open her own business but never could afford to. She used second hand websites like to open her new business on a budget.

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