Opportunities For ACLS Practitioners In Providing Health Care For The Elderly

There is a health care crisis in the United States. While the number of elderly Americans over 65 years of age is expected to double by the year 2030, the number of medical personnel enrolled in medical and nursing schools is far less. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also predicts a rapid growth in elderly population between the years 2008 and 2018. The increased demand for quality senior health care will create nearly 3.2 million new jobs and this means that for senior care professionals, education and certification becomes all important. The search for quality senior care professionals will imply increase in competition. In this changing job scenario, an ACLS certified professional will have better job opportunities in the senior care industry.

What is the ACLS Certification and why is it important for medical personnel?
Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) certification trains medical personnel in the emergency treatment of cardiopulmonary arrest, strokes, and other life-threatening emergencies. There are certain special requirements for senior care and professionals who complete this certification successfully can pursue careers in the senior care industry in a variety of facilities such as senior day-care centers, home health-care services, and concierge services.

Currently, the number of doctors specializing in geriatric care is dropping rapidly and to treat the multiple chronic disease of old age, there is a work force shortage. The US government, professional associations, and health care providers are all concerned about the inadequate access to health care and the labor shortage. Elderly people have special emotional and medical needs and families are making difficult choices between private home-health care and assisted living in a facility.

To tackle the difficult times, even registered nurses and licensed practical nurses are being asked to get ACLS certified so that they become valuable assets to the health care industry. If you are an ACLS certified practitioner, you could well be on your way to saving an elderly person’s life.

Job Opportunities in Senior Care
The job-market is changing dynamically within the senior care industry.  Because of the financial downturn and crisis, elderly patients are avoiding expenditure on assisted living by choosing to take care of themselves at home. They do not have sufficient income to move into private communities because they haven’t been able to sell their homes. This situation has increased the demand for home health-care services, creating job openings for ACLS practitioners keen to take up home health care.

What do ACLS practitioners have to consider for elderly care?
Treating the elderly is not as easy task. They have to be treated with respect and dignity. Although, some patients require extensive care, ACLS practitioners have to also respect patient independence and not look for the easy road. They have to be patient and compassionate in their interactions with elderly patients. Old age problems such as hearing loss, poor eyesight, and mobility issues, make it difficult for the elderly to communicate with their doctors. At such times, it becomes the moral responsibility of practitioners to handle their patients with care and utmost understanding.

Salaries for ACLS practitioners
Keeping in mind, the rising demand for elderly care, higher salaries are expected for nursing aides and home health care workers who have an ACLS certification and additional training. Since the quality of geriatric care is set to improve drastically, ACLS practitioners can expect to earn much better compensation packages. Medical personnel who have still not taken the certification should do so and become proficient in geriatric care, to better their employment opportunities in this rapidly changing work environment.

Article written and published by Sun Maag. Click here to visit Healthedsolutions.com for PALS & ACLS certification/recertification and more.

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