Organising Baby Clothing

Many couples that are having a baby end up receiving all sorts of gifts before they have a child, of these gifts some of the most common are baby clothes, dolls and soft toys.

First timers will be surprised at the wide disparity in the sizes of baby clothes and don’t realise yet the significant growth spurts they will soon have on their hands. This can lead to a large mixture of new and hand me down clothing at a number of different sizes and so requires them all to be organised.


When you decide on organising your clothing you have to choose whether you wish to place them in a dresser or on a hanger. If you decide to hand clothing, purchase dividers for the hangers as this will help when storing. You can even make these from cardboard if necessary, though they are inexpensive and separate infant clothing from the small children’s clothing.

Sort all the clothing out by size and place similarly sized items together. If there is not enough room for all the clothes you receive then place the older clothing for larger children in breathable containers such as canvas boxes. Ensure to wrap them up in acid free paper and label all the boxes so you know what is in which when you go looking later.


Create hangtags for use in the closet and do so for periods of around 6 months at a time. This means dividing the clothing into the new born section, 1-3 months and then for 3-6 months. You may also want to include sub sections for play clothes, casual clothing or dress clothes for the little one as this makes the whole process all the easier when they get a little older.


The drawer seems like an easier option but in the long term it doesn’t compare to using closets. This is simply down to the fact baby clothing is so small and ends up getting lost in all the clothes. When you need clothing in a hurry this can create all sorts of logistical problems.

If you do use drawers make or purchase drawer dividers and ensure to label each section for individual kinds of baby clothing. For example onesies can go together, whereas bibs and burp clothes go somewhere else. This makes the process easier if you need something in a rush and also allows you to provide instructions if you need someone else to fetch clothing for you.

Rear of Door

The back of a the closet door is also a great place for jackets and other items. Hooks are inexpensive and can be great space savers in this eventuality.


The bulkier items such as winter jumpers can be placed in the wicker baskets and the like. This allows you a little bit of extra room and saves on space significantly for all your S&D Le Chic clothing.

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