Organising The Perfect Birthday Night Out In London

Planning a birthday night out for one of your mates can feel like a pretty big responsibility. At the end of the day, whether they have a good time will be largely down to the decisions you make about where to go and what to do. A challenge like this, though, can be your opportunity to ensure that your mate has the time of their life. Here’s how to plan the perfect birthday night out in London that will remain a topic of conversation long after the main event is over:

First of all, decide on a budget. If there are a large number of you going then you should organise this early so that everyone can chip in and make the night extra special. Sticking strictly to your group budget is important- you don’t want to end up forking out when the bill comes through.

If you’re hiring a venue rather than club-hopping, remember that there is a good night to be had at a number of venues, not just the most expensive ones. Find out how many people are likely to be going and get them to commit as early as possible. This will, of course, tie in with your budget, but the more people who celebrate a birthday the better! Try to find a date that suits everyone and be flexible.

On that note, also decide what the entertainment is to be on your night out. Obviously if your friend is not much of a party animal, renting out a venue or bar crawling is a better idea than hitting a massive club, and this should be planned in advance.

If your friend is a bit more of a wildcard, seriously consider booking VIP club entry to his or her favourite club and let the good times roll! Many entry deals are available online and are much cheaper than buying them elsewhere. Some also come with drinks offers and other perks that will make the night extra special. Depending on where you book, this might be free bottles of champagne, subsidised drinks all night and certain other offers that are exclusive to the club of your choice.

You may also wish to look into booking transport between locations or at the beginning and end of the night. Again, there are so many options available from vintage cars and sports cars to double decker buses and limousines. These are all available for hire from companies around London.

Organising a memorable night out needn’t cost an arm or a leg, nor should it take over your life to organise. The best thing to do is to source your bookings online and consider a whole package where transport and VIP club entry are taken care of for a set price. With so much praise for so little effort, you might find that you never want to give up organising duties to anybody else!

Greg O’Hara is a freelance writer and blogger based in Leeds, UK. When not writing he can be found checking out the best music venues and clubs around the country. He is here writing for Inside LTL who can plan the perfect birthday night out for you and your mates, including Limousine hire London.

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