Organize Your Office Desks- Easy And Practical Tips

Do you know that your environment can affect how you behave and think? Now, if you are working in an untidy area, or if your desk is cluttered, fresh ideas might not come easily. Many of us are guilty of having messy office desks.

Well, I have good news for you. In this post, I’ll give you 5 of the most practical tips on how you should organize your desk.

Are you ready to clean up?

Remove everything. Make your office desk a clean canvass. Remove all your things. When I say all, I strictly mean everything. Well, except if you have a desktop computer. You can leave that. Include the things in your drawers. Those should be emptied too. The rationale behind it is for you to re – evaluate your items. Choose the ones which you need and throw the items which are just cluttering your table. You will be surprised that half of the things in your desk and drawers are not needed after all.

Maximize your drawers. I would encourage you to use your drawers instead of just putting your things on top of your desk. Of course, you may use your desk for supplies which you always use like pens, markers and staplers.

Provide a paper tray. What makes an office desk disorganized are the piles of folders and papers. The solution is actually easy. Provide paper trays. Label it properly. You can label each tray depending on the level of importance of the files.  

Write down where you store your things. When you keep things in your drawer, the tendency is that you forget what you put in there. I suggest that you keep a small notepad and write down where you put your stuffs. Record everything.  

Do this regularly. It’s inevitable that your desk would be cluttered again most especially if you are extremely busy with work. But you just have to make sure that you make time for cleaning. It can be a once a month activity. It should be enough to keep your area clean.

Easy, right? You don’t have to work in a crazy environment if you follow the tips above.

Do you have other suggestions on how you can maintain the cleanliness of your office desk? If you have any, why don’t you share it? I’m sure that a lot of office workers would benefit from it. Comment now and let’s all have a clean working area.

Barbara Watson enjoys working in a clean environment. It helps her to become more productive. You might want to read more of her office – related tips. Apart from that, she contributes for well – known kiosk manufacturers which can help your company with software needs.

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  1. Oh how I wish my desk looked like the one in the picture but unless I send my important papers to I’m afraid it’ll always be a mess.

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