Painting Your Home? Here’s How to Begin

Choosing the right colours for your home can be a nightmare. Do you want a feature wall in a different colour? What about wallpaper? Or are you more of an all-white kind of person? Getting the colours scheme for your home just right doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Whether you are just painting one wall, a room, or your whole house, you can use this list as a guide to get the colours just right.

Pick the Room
The rooms in your house will usually have different colours to suit the décor and size of the room. If you have a small living room for example, it’s a good idea to open up the space and let in light with a white coat of paint. However, if you’re room is already large and full of light, you can go for a darker shade on a feature wall but just make sure it doesn’t make the room look smaller… unless that’s the effect you’re going for of course.
You can usually be more adventurous with colour in children’s rooms and you don’t always have to have a pink girl’s room and blue boy’s room. Experiment with the use of different colours as your child is likely to get bored of a bright pink room after the age of seven anyway.

Swatch It!
Have you ever painted a room and halfway through realised the colours were totally off? One of the most common rookie mistakes when painting your home is not to swatch the colours first. Buying a sample of paint will cost you peanuts and will give you a realistic idea of what the final room will look like. Some paint stores even provide free paint samples for you to try! Not swatching a wall is like getting married without going on a date first – you just don’t know how it’s going to end.

Add Furniture
If you’re absolutely in love with canary yellow and your bedding, bed, bedside table, and clothes are all canary yellow, then maybe your walls should be another colour. While you might love the colour so much you want everything in the world to be canary yellow, it can be a little overwhelming for the rest of us. Adding pieces of furniture to the room after you have swatched your walls will give you an idea of what the room will look like once finished. If you’re absolutely in love with the colour of your walls but your furniture doesn’t quite match, you can always take a paint brush to them as well. It’s a bit of extra work but next thing you know, you’ll have a whole new home to live in.

While it can be daunting to paint your home, it can give a completely new feel to your rooms. If the colour you have chosen isn’t quite right, just paint over it! But remember to start with the lightest colour choices when you are swatching so they are easier to paint over if they’re not looking good.

Julie works on behalf of Furniture Find, a Perth based comany specialising in online furniture australia.

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