Palermo Airport: The Center Of Sicily

One thing you will note about the Palermo Airport is that it is clean, crowded, but clean. In many ways the airport is like the city. There is a lot to see, there are many ways to see it, and not everyone is going to enjoy it the same. There are convenient tour buses, shuttles and taxi cabs waiting to take you to your hotel, if you have a room. By far for the most amount of freedom in your Palermo experience will involve renting a car so that you aren’t dependent on a tour’s schedule to see the sights.

Catacombe dei Cappuccini
The Sicilians were as obsessed with the preservation of the body in the afterlife as the ancient Egyptians were. Of course, eternal life was only possible for the elites as the mummification process was a costly one. Visit the Catacombs where more than 8000 of Palermo’s wealthiest dead rest. The tour gives you some history as to the process of mummification and the many famous people who are entombed there. The tour has been called spooky, others have called it moving. So depending on your perspective on death, the tour could be a sobering experience.

The truth is that Palermo is a city that is rich in cathedrals, early church design buildings, museums, art and locations that were used to film at least one of the Godfather films. You can visit any one or more of these types of locations and there truly are too many to justify the creation of a list. Sometimes the way to experience a city that has as much to offer as Palermo is to get in the rental car and drive.

Turn through the narrow, twisted back streets. Discover a local restaurant strictly by the scents that are wafting out the front door. Stop at a fountain and toss a few coins in. Drive to the coast and take a boat to Ustica, the volcanic island. With natural coves and calm waters, this is a great place for snorkeling or just a nice swim. Prefer mountains to islands? Try taking a day trip out to Monte Pellegrino. The road is a narrow and winding mountain road with several areas to stop along the way and snap some beautiful pictures. The panoramic views of Palermo and Mondello are definitely worth seeing. If your GPS is having trouble locating the right path, set it to find the Santuario Santa Rosalia and you will end up in the right place. When you reach the top, stop and enjoy a picnic in one of the provided areas.

For the shopping adventurer, try stopping at one of the local markets, the Ballaro Market is just one example of what has been called, ‘real Sicily in action.’ Vendors sell everything from knockoff handbags and clothes to local foods.

This was a guest post left by Aronno, a writer and travel lover. Remember that during your vacation in Palermo, you may want to have more freedom to decide where you are going, on what day and when you are leaving. The best way to do that from the Palermo Airport is through locating the nearest car rental agency there.

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