Pastor Chris Oyakhilome And Trauma Care International Foundation Information

June 14th is the worldwide annual blood donation day. The goal of this holiday is to raise global awareness worldwide regarding the important nature of donating blood and the absolute need for more individuals to show up during blood drives. The pastor of Christ Embassy in Lagos, Nigeria, Chris Oyakhilome, has been a driving force in the push to organize a blood drive at the Trauma Care International Foundation in Lagos.

The blood drive that Pastor Oyakilhome is planning is to be one of the largest in the history of the area. His personal philanthropy takes him to communities all across Africa to help those in need. Blood drives are an integral piece of the puzzle where it comes to improving health outcomes in Nigeria. Donating blood can literally save a life, and for those who are in need of it, there is nothing more important in this world. Every contribution one makes to a blood center can improve the chances or quality of life for another human being.

The Trauma Care International Foundation aims to help underserved communities raise their health standards, thus increasing their life expectancy and general level of happiness. Anyone who is in need may receive help from the foundation, no one will be turned away due to financial need. The foundation provides a subsidy for any person or family who cannot afford to pay for treatment. They cover everything from road accidents to illness, to long-term planning and health care. The foundation aims to serve anyone who is in need of their care and help.

One of the main areas of focus for the Trauma Care International Foundation is the development and implementation of community-originated initiatives that aim to educate people about the dire need for good trauma care. First aid programs are also an important part of their platform- both training in the importance and the actual work of doing first aid. The foundation has already sponsored classes and training session in which hundreds of different public officials, medical professionals, home care workers and others are taught about first aid. These sessions help to teacher members of organizations about the benefits of a good trauma/first aid policy and the pitfalls of ignoring safety and health issues.

The Christ Embassy team, alongside Pastor Chris, started Trauma Care International to be on the front lines of the fight to raise awareness for many health-related issues. Nothing is closer to their hearts than their efforts to make people aware of the urgent need for blood donors. In addition to their educational efforts, Trauma Care International is a major provider of medical equipment to underprivileged areas across the continent of Africa. These donations have had a positive and quantifiable effect.

The folks at Christ Embassy take pride in their humanitarian efforts and aim to continue their work in the future. Their efforts are central to the fight to get individuals and organizations to support blood donation programs. These efforts will lead directly to saving lives and increasing the lifespan of people all across Africa.