Patio Designs For Your Dream Home

Let’s have some fun with patio designs for your dream home. The range of materials, shapes, sizes and landscaping for your patio is astounding. You also have a choice of furnishings, outdoor cooking items, fire pits, lighting and the list goes on. Let’s begin with materials.

A patio constructed with polished teak or oak will add beauty and enjoyment to your home. Shapes include round, square, rectangular, in addition to random placement connected by small landings and steps. Sizes range from small to occupying most of the backyard. Landscaping can include Tuscan villa vines or towering trees from which hang flower baskets.

Stone gives people latitude with forming their patio. Stone can be used to form anything wood and brick can form, but it weathers well and looks fantastic. Size and shape transform a patio into an outdoor room complete with furnishings and grills and outdoor kitchens for cooking. Landscaping can feature inset gardens or perhaps flower boxes made of contrasting stone.

Tile flooring on the patio can be offset by polished teak walls or planter boxes. Erect a towering stone fireplace beside a stone barbeque pit for a wonderful contrast. Stone steps might lead to a smaller area for the children’s play sets. The tile could mirror the color of the house or it could complement it. Landscaping could include potted plants or trees planted into the tile.

Now that you’ve decided the shape, size and material for your patio behind your dream house, accessories need to be considered. Wooden furniture or metal furniture can be topped with a dizzying array of cushions and pillows. Coffee tables and end tables will give guest places to set down their drinks and plates. Bean bag chairs and futons topped with fluffy pillows would go nicely in the children’s area. A patio cover constructed in the shape of a cathedral ceiling or built like a Tuscan grape arbor and topped with Italian tiles would protect the furniture.

Lighting evening get-togethers would be a snap. Hang a chandelier from a tree planted into the patio. Torches reminiscent of Mediterranean nights could be used. Strings of gayly colored lights could be strung around the covering of the patio. Yard lamps or Japanese lanterns could adorn the patio for light. Don’t forget the fire pit. It provides a gentle light as well as being handy for toasting marshmallows. Have fun with your new patio.

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