Paving Your Patio

There are so many ways that you can upgrade your garden and one of the first places people start is with paving slabs. A patio area is essential for any garden space; they make great entertainment areas and are a favourite with barbeque lovers everywhere. A lot of the time people will prefer to have their patio area covered so that it can be used in all weather. There are so many different types of paving that it really is down to personal choice what design you choose. Crazy paving tends to be a firm favourite with many keen gardeners because although it’s attractive and very clean it looks much more rugged and natural than any other types of paving.

Paving is favoured throughout many gardens in Britain because it’s easy to maintain, clean and use. It gives you the best of both worlds because you can have a really nice set of furniture on some hard foundations – after all sitting on garden chairs on soft grass is not the easiest task – as well as still having a grassed area for sun bathing and games in the summer.

Some people prefer to extend their paved area far beyond a patio, some people even have their whole garden paved but this is completely down to personal choice. If you have a covered space in your garden, like an awning or something similar, then it’s usually popular to pave underneath so that you have a stable and covered seating area. If you’re having your covering done at the same time as your paving it’s advisable that you should have the covering installed slightly before. This will prevent your paving getting damaged while your covering is being installed.

You should think about the use of your patio before you choose your paving as you have to bear in mind that some types of paving are more delicate than others and will get marked, scratched and broken easily.
Paving is a simple and easy way to improve your outdoor area; it will make it much easier for your kids to learn how to ride a bike compared to riding on grass and it will make your summer evening parties a much more enjoyable event for your guests. Well-built and maintained patios and gardens can often add value to your home too so when you come to sell your home it could be a huge plus point.

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