Peace And Quiet In The Middle Of The City

The back garden is one of the great escapes of the British homeowner.  Cut off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is a place to relax and recharge your batteries, ready to face a new week.  It’s important for it to give off a sense of calm and serenity; therefore, so whatever size garden you have, you should have it landscaped to fit to your own preference and your own taste.  A garden that fits to your personality can be a secluded getaway in which to relax in the calm of nature.  One of the most popular ways of making sure your garden feels natural is with a water feature, be it a tiny little pool or a huge wildlife lake.  Making sure you make the right choice with the design of your pond is important and by using butyl rubber pond liners, you can be assured that it will withstand the elements.

The Humble Water Feature
Thanks, in part, to the success of the late ‘90’s television show, Ground Force, the humble water feature became a feature in a number of gardens around the country.  People started to recreate what the presenters were making on the TV screen and purchases of butyl rubber pond liners went through the roof.   But while their design of small, enclosed features may have looked good, they lacked the wildlife that really makes a garden feel like a parcel of the countryside inside the city limits.  Instead of a simple pool, you could try out a more natural feeling pond or small lake that really attracts the wildlife to your garden.  The soft sounds of nature can really help with relaxation and a pond can help bring those sounds to you.

How to Create the Perfect Pond
While everyone’s perfect pond is different, there are a few similarities to look out for.  The first thing to consider is the life of the pond, so you should use high quality products to make it.  Butyl rubber pond liner is a hardy and high quality product that will keep its strength and durability throughout the pond’s lifetime.  Once you’ve decided on that, then it’s time to find where you’re going to place this pond.  In a larger garden you can have a larger pond but you also have more scope for its position.  Some simple recommendations for the best placement of your new water feature are in direct sunlight and away from trees.  This will help to both attract wildlife and stop the pond from getting clogged up with leaves.  You should also place some long grass nearby for amphibious creatures to escape to.

When building the pool itself you should dig your hole with at least one side gently sloping to allow easy access for wildlife, while steps or shelves in the pool can help too (although it is recommended to have a deeper section too, to prevent the pool from icing over completely in winter).  Then you can line the pool with your new butyl rubber pond liner; just make sure to buy the right amount.  Once that is done, you’re ready to finish off your pond by choosing the perfect plants and flowers to surround and float upon the water and make the pond a true haven for wildlife.  Once you’ve made your selections, just fill it up and the wildlife will flock to your new pond and fill your garden with the perfect sounds of the country.

Enthusiastic nature lover, Sally Dimmock, likes nothing more than spending time in her garden and feels that a pond can really help to attract the wildlife to make it feel truly natural.  She recommends the use of butyl rubber pond liners over PVC for its added durability.

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