Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

Yes, I know it doesn’t seem like two minutes since the Christmas shopping frenzy ended, but it’s really not that long until Mother’s Day, which this year falls on the 10th March. This is the one day in the year you get to show your Mum just how much you appreciate everything she does for you, so a wilting bunch of daffodils and some reduced to clear chocolate from the supermarket really isn’t good enough, is it? Put a little thought in now, and come Mother’s Day, your Mum will be delighted with the effort you’ve gone to.


Restaurants are best avoided on Mother’s Day as it is often hard to get a table, they put on a “special” menu which is just designed to get more money out of you, and it’s just not the most relaxing meal for Mum. It’s far better to eat at home, so encourage Mum to sit with her feet up while you prepare lunch for the family. It doesn’t have to be a gourmet effort, good quality ready-made food from the better quality supermarkets is fine, or ask your favourite local restaurant to do takeaway for you. Spend some time making the table looking good with table linen, candles and fresh flowers. And it goes without saying that you should take care of the washing up too.


A lovely bunch of flowers is a great gift to receive on any occasion, but they are even more popular on Mother’s Day. If you want to have flowers delivered to your Mum, order them in plenty of time as florists will be exceptionally busy. A good alternative to cut flowers is ordering a growing plant, which will also last far longer. There are some very good deals online for flower and plant delivery, so shop around rather than going to the first website you think of.


The key to a great gift is finding something that your Mum will love, and that is completely “her”. Think about what your Mum really likes; if for example she is a fan of great coffee, buy her a lovely mug from a brand like Sophie Allport or Emma Bridgewater. If she’s into cooking, treat her to a day at a local cookschool or a cupcake decorating course. Mums who like to look glamorous will love a voucher for a manicure or massage. If you’re still completely stuck, get something that will look good in the house, such as a Sophie Allport jug or a Cath Kidston teapot.


Mums love hand-made items, so encourage smaller kids to make their own cards for Mum, using crayons, colourful paper and any other bits and bobs from the craft box. Older, or less artistic kids can either buy a simple card and write something meaningful inside, or use a site like Moonpig or Funky Pigeon where you can upload a picture of your Mum and get the perfect card just for her. Order it in plenty of time so it is guaranteed to arrive before the big day.

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Guest author Morag Peers is a mother of three, and as a result knows a good Mother’s Day present when she sees one. On this occasion Morag has been writing for Twice Charmed, where you can shop for Sophie Allport china amongst other fine gifts.

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