Personal Safety For Young Women

Personal safety is something that shouldn’t be over looked and there is no such thing as being overly cautious when it comes to your own safety. Unfortunately there are people and situations we will want to avoid at all costs, and it’s important you take necessary measures to ensure you do avoid these situations.

Travelling whether that be walking, getting the train or the bus, means you are exposed to lots of different people that you don’t know and possibly unknown areas and situations. When travelling ensure that-

  • You are alert and aware of others around you.
  • Travel with others where ever possible.
  • Trust your instinct, if something doesn’t feel right leave the situation as soon as possible.
  • Plan your route before you leave, if its dark consider a route that is better lit
  • Carry a personal alarm and keep it somewhere you can access it easily such as a pocket. Don’t be afraid to use it if you are worried about a situation you are in.
  • If travelling on a train or bus sit in a well lit part. If the train is quiet try and sit in the carriage with the most people in.
  • On a bus sit near the driver if you can.
  • If you feel uncomfortable do not be afraid to move seats.
  • Do not be afraid to call 999 if you are afraid or worried as even if you don’t need an emergency service someone can stay on the phone to you and send help if a situation becomes worse.

At Home
If you live alone it is important to take extra precautions as if something does happen you will have to handle the situation yourself. When home alone ensure that-

  • You double check locks and windows when you return home, especially before you go to bed.
  • Your mobile phone is always charged or you have a landline so you can call for help when needed.
  • It’s tempting on a hot day to leave doors open but opportunist thieves may take this as a chance to walk into your house easily to get what they want.
  • If you live in a dangerous neighbourhood take extra precautions such as metal door gates or aluminium roller shutters to protect doors and windows.

On Night’s Out
It is important to be extra careful when out on a night out. People do go out with the intention to steal from you or take advantage as they expect you to be under the influence of alcohol and there for an easy target-

  • If you are drinking stay very aware of how much you have had. Ensure you are always alert and aware of what is going on around you.
  • Make sure you have charged your phone before you go so if you do get lost or in a bad situation you can phone for help.
  • Take extra money and put it somewhere you won’t touch so you can’t spend or lose it. This is emergency money and travel money to make sure you get home safe.
  • Never walk home alone when you have been drinking.
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